the most memorable moments of the past 10 years

Sport gives emotions of a incomparable intensity† Especially when the greatest athletes in the world outdo themselves and write their names in the history books. Memorable actionsworld recordsunpredictable turns, exploitsadultsstriking confessions… so many surreal scenarios brought to us over the past decade by players in the sports world.

Although it is impossible to classify those moments of grace that seem to belong to no temporality as they will mark the coming years, we wanted to list a few, which will affect you more or less depending on your personal sensibility.

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McGregor vs. Mayweather: the fight of the century?

If many experts and enthusiasts around the world see this contradiction between the mixed martial arts star and boxing legendit mainly has to do with the historical and financial dimension of the event.

Never before has a fight aroused so much enthusiasm, both from the public and from the sponsors. It must be said that all the ingredients were there for this to happen, with a may weather undefeated in 49 games coming out of retirement to come face to face with the man who helped out change the size MMAsome McGregor

This battle between the American and the Irish produced a controversial unparalleled, especially because of the astronomical amounts which it includes.

The cumulative box office receipts and income earned by the two players have reached peaks, up to $600 million

Despite the defeat by the referee’s suspension in the 10th round, the resistance shown by the Notorious opposite The Undefeated in the ring at Vegas took part in turning the gathering into a martial arts legend.

And then honestly, McGegror can also console himself by saying he’s knocked out his great rival Jose Aldo after only 13 seconds!

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The invention of the comeback, much to PSG’s regret

the date of March 8, 2017 will forever remain as a time marker to remember for football fans. That evening was not only the result of this round of 16 second leg of the Champions League between PSG and Barça which turned into madness, but all the established conventions of probability.

After this unprecedented turnaround, which even the world’s leading analysts cannot legitimize, the cards have been reshuffled. Unconsciously, this has given rise to the idea in all footballers that even after a defeat, Raising a handicap score is not insurmountable

This has also profoundly changed the nature of a sport, where the fact of taking the psychological preponderance occupies a dominant place. In addition to the purely sporting aspect, this meeting between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona gave birth to the term reassembledthat has become part of football jargon.

It goes even further, as this expression denotes the . has entered dictionary† Still, ever since that famous night when… Sergi Roberto engulfed the hopes of an entire nation, several teams were inspired by this moment of anthology.

Like it Liverpool vs Barcelona precisely by inflicting a dry defeat on the Spanish club with 4-0, after having conceded 3 goals in the first leg. In this rule, the Real Madrid’s unreal journey in this 2021-2022 season is just as unlikely, as the White House has finally reached the final of the MOL, thanks to an unshakable faith in a collective capable of overthrowing anything.

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The Day Andy Ruiz Stabbed Anthony Joshua

It was a real earthquake that happened in the United States on June 1, 2019, when Anthony Joshua was knocked out by Andy Ruiz† Nothing predestined the boxer of Mexican descent to deliver this monumental feat, and yet, even if the 2012 Olympic champion was the all-time favorite of the meeting, he had to shed his belts against stronger than him.

It was the British boxer himself who subsequently recognized this, through an unequivocal statement: “I got beat up

A meaningful confession that says a lot about Ruiz’s performance that night, who had made sensation the next day in the international media† Stupor is clearly the feeling that gripped the world players in the boxing world, who all thought his victory was unthinkable.

Especially considering the Joshua’s undisputed dominance at the timehe who had just never lost a fight for this one, and stayed on a series of 22 wins in a row

Lebron James’ Historic Block Against the Warriors

the career of lebron james is big. In terms of statistics, won titles, awards or influence on the number 1 basketball league in the world, his time in the NBA will be set in stone forever

not only if top scorer in NBA historybut also because the king’s influence on a sport in which he excels must be raised to the level of the greatest.

As the two-time Olympic champion and four-time NBA champion the title of 4 times MVP of the seasonprobably many will remember this stratospheric counter of June 16, 2016, on which James crosses the whole ground to come and tarp Andre Iguodala.

An action that, given the context, has never again ended up in anonymity. Because whoever played for the Cleveland Cavaliers at that time did it at the fateful moment, during Game 7 of the 2016 Finals

As the clock marks the end of the game for the next 2 minutes, the score is anywhere between the Cavs and the Warriors. Suffice it to say, this basket could (and should have) been decisive. This one miraculous defensive action therefore had a direct impact on the title capture as Lebron’s teammates would ultimately win 93 to 89.

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Leicester win the Premier League

Who would have bet a cent on that? Leicester would win the 2016 Premier League† However, it was in the most contentious European Championship that the Foxes achieved the unthinkable, led by a Claudio Ranieric at the top of his game. The Italian technician guided his with a masterly hand.

Although the club fought not to be relegated last season, Leicester was carried by a fiery trio. When Jamie Vardy the goals stacked, Riyadh Mahrezi made the rounds on television with his world-class actions, while N’Golo Kante was responsible for recovering an incalculable number of balls per game.

Despite a no-star workforce, one of the lowest budgets of the United Kingdom and especially an almost blank track recordLeicester never burst into the final sprint, not even tying together victories, only to be crowned 2 days after the championship ended.

In the same line we could have mentioned: the 2 titles City achieved on the last day in 2012 with Sergio Aguero’s save goal and again this year, where the Citizens finished a point ahead of the Reds thanks to a win that was snatched at the last minute.

Bolt: the fastest man in the world

When he arrives at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Usain Bolt already had nothing to prove† This didn’t stop the Jamaican sprinter from delving a little deeper into the legend of athletics, by introducing a third consecutive title in the queen distance of the 100 metersafter his victories in 2008 and 2012.

Again, no one could run faster than Lightningwho covered the distance in 9.81for Justin Gatlin (9″89) and Canadian Andre de Grasse (9″91). It won’t have been enough to top its own world record founded in 9″58 in complete relaxation.

The man with 8 Olympic Gold Medals allowed himself to get off to a bumpy start, only to eventually catch up with all his competitors one by one.

2019: Tiger Woods’ Return to Grace

In the fall of 2017, Tiger Woods is 1199th in the world ranking† Suffice it to say that its former glory had lost its luster. but it was without counting on this determination to want to prove before the eyes of the whole world his ability to become a top player again.

What could be more meaningful to keep your legend than winning a fifth Augusta Masters, after 11 years of scarcity† A figure that testifies to the superhuman mental strength of a man who had won the first 22 years earlier.

This one winning comeback will live on in the memory of golf enthusiasts forever.

Phelps to retire after the 2016 Rio Olympics

We are probably talking about most impressive prize list in the history of the sportsince with this 28 medals including 23 in gold, Michael Phelps is simply the most successful athlete in Olympic history.

Athens, Beijing, London, Rio, Swimming’s GOAT left only crumbs for his opponents the past 20 years. Whether 400m, 200m, 100m, 4x100m or even 4x200m, Phelps crushed the competition regardless of distance with the special dominated all categories both alone and in a team: freestyle, butterfly, medley…

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Lance Armstrong confesses to doping

When Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey in January 2013, there was a wave of amazement on the set.

Having always categorically refuted the multiple charges against him, the fact that he had admitted to doping throughout his career was, the effect of a bomb† An announcement that was received very little warmly by the actors of world cycling, it came further damage the reputation of a discipline around which doubt hangs permanently.

Lost of his 7 victories in the Tour de Franceand suspended for life, Armstrong had split his armor and shed a few tears during that testimony.

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Nadal against Medvedev for a 21st Grand Slam title

Beyond the purely historical aspect of this 21st Grand Slam title at the age of 35, Nadal drew on his last reserves to secure his second Australian Open win. This January 30, 2022 marks a turning point in the career of the Majorcan phenom, surpassing his two lifelong rivals (Federer and Djokovic) by becoming the most successful Grand Slam tennis player in history

This final against the Russian against Daniil Medvedev will last 5:24, and the king of clay was able to reverse the course of fate to return to the game after losing the first two sets. It’s only thanks to a unfailing self-sacrifice which Nadal won, he who had also been injured for 5 months before this triumphant return.