The National Sport Agency spoils its coaches for Paris 2024

The high performance manager within the ANS, Claude Onesta, clarified the outlines of the various tools that will be provided to the coaches to best prepare for the next Games.

For the National Sports Agency (ANS), the equation is simple: A medal-winning athlete must be a well-trained athlete. With a view to the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, where the ambition of the French delegation will be strong in terms of podiums, it is therefore essential to prepare a help plan for regulators to optimize each other’s performance. This is exactly the credo of a certain Claude Onesta, the high performance manager within the ANS and incidentally former coach of the French handball team from 2001 to 2016. A real specialist in the question, so who knows what he is talking about when he says:If we want to influence the number of medals achieved, we have to capitalize strongly on the performance levers and the coach is one of them, fundamentally. We must therefore act immediately against these people.

Hence the desire of the ANS to provide the coaches of sportsmen and women with the profile of medalists in 2024 various tools, which were elaborated at a meeting last week to 70 of them. With the financial aspect as an essential war stimulus, on which Claude Onesta had already looked after the Tokyo Games by setting a bonus of up to 35,000 euros for the coaches of Olympic medalists. But that is not everything. The ANS also wants to take advantage of a budget extension of 10 million euros since the last Olympic Games.”additional compensation up to 1500 euros gross per monthAccording to Onesta, quoted by the daily L’Équipe. A significant financial contribution in certain Olympic disciplines that don’t roll on gold, far from it.

More support

The other help will be less quantifiable, but just as important because it consists in providing the coaches with more resources, be it technical, material, psychological, medical… In other words, the ANS wants to facilitate the work of coaches when a problem, of every order arises because they can be quickly and easily brought into contact with a specialist. In the same vein, the ANS also wants to increase exchanges between technicians from different disciplines, with the desire to create a kind of virtuous circle of performance where the experiences of some can serve others, even if the sport is completely different. Ditto with the establishment of a reinforced partnership between professional clubs and athletes practicing an individual discipline, as was already the case, for example, with Renaud Lavillenie and the Stade Clermontois. The aim is for the former to make part of their infrastructure available to the latter to train in optimal conditions.

A contribution from foreign coaches

These are all points that should make the work of recently recruited French or foreign coaches more comfortable, also to be able to share experience and a form of “inbred“. Of the 64 recruitments carried out or planned for 2021 and 2022, about ten will therefore come from abroad. As was the case, for example, in badminton with the Spaniard Fernando Rivas, the German Jürgen Grobler in rowing or the South Korean Oh Seon-Tek in archery A transfer window that should pay off in 2024 with a shower of medals that the French team hoped for.