the oil depots of Brest and Lorient blocked

“We’ll stay here until we’re heard” : fishermen, farmers, transporters or even professionals in the public works sector blocked the oil depots of Brest and Lorient on Tuesday, March 15 to denounce the rise in fuel prices.

“We are starting to raise our voices, and it will go more and more” |far] if we are not listened to and we do not have quick and urgent measures”promised Agence France-Presse (AFP) Sébastien Le Prince, skipper-fisherman who came from Loctudy (south of Finistère) to block the Brest depot, despite Prime Minister Jean Castex’s promise to appeal.

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“We will not abandon the fishermen, I am saying it here”, said Mr Castex during a speech in the prefecture of Brittany on Tuesday. He had already promised for fishermen last week “measures that enable a reduction of their social and port charges”

“The boats lie still, they stand still”lamented Sébastien Le Prince, referring to the activity in the ports of Loctudy, Saint-Guénolé and Guilvinec, the first artisanal fishing port in France, where Monday, at the end of the day, only a handful of boats unloaded their fish at the auction.

“We cannot pass on the increase in fuel to the fish. A kilo of monkfish today for five euros, tomorrow it will be five euros, or even at 4.80 despite the rise in the oil price. We can do nothing, we are like farmers to whom we dictate the price of pork”explained the fisherman, not far from a fire of pallets and suitcases regularly fed by the protesters.

“Diesel too expensive, boat ashore” Where “diesel too expensive, we have it in the back”we could read on banners that hung in front of the fence of the oil depot.

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“Everyone works at a loss”

About 200 people, including a hundred fishermen, were present in the morning in front of the site where about forty machines (trucks, tractors) were parked. In the afternoon the deposit was still blocked, although the fishermen went to Quimper to demonstrate in front of the prefecture.

“We’ll stay here until we’re heard”assured François Calvez, president of the Finistère branch of the National Confederation of Public Works and Landscape Crafts (CNATP). “We all lose money when we go to work”he said.

In Morbihan, in Lorient, “there is a blockage by carriers, fishermen, public works, farmers”said AFP Marc Lhonoré, director of the oil depot. “I don’t know how long this is going to take.”

Morbihan Prefecture reported that the situation was ” Calm “

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On the spot, Norbert Guillou, chairman of the Morbihan branch of the CNATP, assured AFP by telephone that there were 200 people and a hundred trucks and vehicles. “There are truck drivers, taxicabs, fishermen, farmers, ambulance drivers, fishermen… Anyone using fuel”he noted. “We will stay until the government makes the right decision and freezes taxes. Because we’ve fallen below the break-even point. Everyone works at a loss. If we have to stay ten days, we stay ten days.he promised.

This depot in Lorient was blocked for eighteen days in 2018 and ten days in 2019 to prevent maintenance of the “off road diesel” (GNR) for professionals, he recalled.

In the North, the National Coordination Center organized a symbolic action on Tuesday: a few tractors refueled together in Avelin, south of Lille, to warn of the consequences of rising prices for farms with “impoverished treasure chests”

In the Ardèche and Haute-Loire, two gas stations have opted for a fuel strike due to rising prices “unjustified”

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