The Parisians lost in extra time… Relive this match with us

10:38 PM: It’s time to close this one live. Many of you have answered the call tonight, it is a pleasure. Have a good evening! Becooooooooots

10:34 PM: No, it’s okay, they just did a little sprint on the lawn before returning to the stands.

10:32 pm: Oh shit, start of the invasion of the pitch on the part of the Paris supporters. It must not derail.

10:30 pm : The Sochalien Florentin Pogba came to celebrate from the last whistle with his clan, which gathered just below me. This caused some confusion among the Paris supporters but nothing serious, it quickly calmed down.

92nd : Doe Couto rolls up to 20 meters, Demarconnay remains planted and can only see the damage.

92nd: OH THIS SOCHAUX BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!! It is cruel for Paris FC who will still be hit in the barrage. And in the worst-case scenario, they were close to overtime.

90th : We’re going there right away kids, we’re going there.

89th : What does little Hanin eat anyway… And the man doesn’t flinch and gets up every time. I think I have my pet.

88th : The wind picks up.


87th : Sochaux’s performance at 11 against 10, it stings the eyes.

84th : We still feel like the Parisians are on the same page. If we work overtime, it’s AJA who will rub their hands.

81st : Shot at the nearest post and cleared by the defence. It goes against Sochaux but Hanin is there for the police (do you have it?).

80th : The stadium roars on every Parisian corner, it looks like a peno! But considering how they shoot them, it might be better to have a corner indeed.

79th: And again Hanin giving us a Kung-Fu Panda to release another hot ball! He’s the Nicolas Pallois of the PFC (even if he doesn’t look like him at all).

78th : The Paris defense on a wire in front of Kalulu, Demarconnay does not get bored and sends in a great pumping stroke. It holds for now.

75th : Know that in Charléty we warm up behind the goal line. Country football the way we like it.

73rd : What a defensive comeback from Hanin again! Holy match for the left side of the PFC.

72nd : Sochaux continues to make mistakes as a butcher-caterer instead of playing football. Brilliant idea.

71st : The inhabitants of Sochaux sing something about “taking an aperitif”. Good people, sure.

68th : Parisian corner kick to the keeper… It’s stupid, 10 against 11, guys, don’t screw it up.

67th : It is more jerky than in the first period, the tension rises, the calves tremble, the heads falter. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

64th : What can give Parisians hope is that they are also not the wrath of war (he said after saying it goes well in small spaces #JeanMichelCohérence).

61st : It combines well in small spaces, in one touch, on the side of Sochaux but the finish is missing. Thioune sends a sauce over Demarconnay’s bar.

59th : Of pink, the sky has turned black in time to say it, it smells like this story I know nothing about. I’m clearly not serene with my shirt…

56th: Ouhhh great heat in the Paris defense with this Sochaux center shooter who fails to tackle Kalulu in goal. He missed a crampon size.

53rd : Superb pass (almost) from a Paris defender on the Sochaux striker. The attack is not targeted, but you don’t really have to give them free ammunition…

50th : And it is the Parisians who go straight on the attack. They can do it these idiots (in my mouth it’s affectionate)! And the stadium that wakes up to accompany them. I’m telling you, this night will be irrational or not, we’re going to have fun I guess.

47th : What can the Parisians come up with for us this time? A missed third peno and the winning goal in the 98th minute on Grandpa Demarconnay’s return? Don’t disappoint us, dear Paris FC.

9:33 pm : The players are back. Good luck to Paris FC to stand up after such a scenario… At least I wouldn’t spit on such an improbable second period. We are never safe from anything with this good old Ligue 2 BKT.

9:20 p.m.: Come on, it’s recess, see you in 15 minutes, friends!

45th: SOCHALIAN COMPARISON!!! Just after the red card and just before half time, this goal by Steve Ambri will hit the heads of Laurey’s men.

44th : I don’t want to say, but we definitely don’t hear the Paris supporters tonight. They are literally crushed by their Doubist counterparts, who themselves put up a fight from the kick-off.

42nd: Second toast for Name, Paris FC play more than a halftime at ten o’clock!!! It could change everything.

40th: Ouhhhh, that won’t go far! First chance Sochaux after 40 minutes with this little curled up left of I-didn’t-saw-who-it was, grazed it at the foot of the post.

38th : PFC’s new try against but Lopez’s shot at the end of the race is not on target.

35th: Ouhhhh Demarconnay giving his teammates chills after a messed up cleanup! Must also say that the poor are not much helped by the potato field that serves as a lawn in Charléty.

32nd : Pinaise he must eat damn well in the canteen the Parisian right side Axel Bamba! I have already experienced such templates in the Finistère district (when I sat on the floor for 90 minutes without coughing up my lungs).

29th : Come on, first moment a little soft in the knee in this match. The Sochaliens finally put their foot on the ball after taking the tide for over 20 minutes. The chance for me to finish my celery verrine (yes, at Paris FC we know how to receive).

24th : Note that the passing passer Alimami Gory is injured. It is Julien Lopez, the big brother of the former Marseillais Maxime, who replaces him. For the record, when I started out, I did a lengthy interview with him at a slammed shisha bar in the northern districts of Marseille. Exciting right?

22nd : Of course the Parisians have already forgotten their two missed penalties. The boys again throw themselves at Prévot’s goals as if nothing is wrong. And it almost passed with this scud of Siby from outside the box. It’s close to the jar.

20th : And Demarconnay is still in the cages of the PFC from the height of his 78 years (39 in real life). The man was already there when we commented on the Paris competitions with my journalism school in 2013. Brotherly Faith.

18th : Hidalgo resigned!

16th : This time it is Alfarela who eats the sheet. The “funny” thing is that it’s the copy-paste of the first one, right with Prévot’s left post. Sochaux can thank his lucky star, crazy thing hahaha!


13th : We’re going to switch shooters this time. The Sochaliens are already on the brink of collapse, it’s phew.

12th: PENOOOOOOOO FOR PARIS IT’S IM-PORTE-QUOI!!!! And there is nothing to say, the tackle is worthless.

10th: Magneto Serge >> Left Against (thanks the saloon doors in Sochaux’s defense), Gory tumbles down on the right, drops his vis-à-vis and takes aim at a full-axis cake that takes Siby back on the fly . Given the start of the match there is nothing to say, Paris FC is clearly better back in this barrage.


6th : It was a hand of Diedhiou after an aerial duel nearby. And it is Moustapha Name who places it, it goes to the left of Prévot’s post.

4th: HE FUCK IT!!! The Sochaux head in helicosex above the 13th arrondissement!

3rd: Penoooooooooo for Paris but whaaaaaaaaaaat???? Crazy start to the match, the Sochaliens surround the referee, personally I didn’t see what had happened. A hand maybe?

2nd : The Parisians rush to attack and take a first bend at the foot of the Sochaux bend.

8:30 in the evening. : Fumis and agricultural bomb on the side of the Sochaux ultras, it’s good, I feel at home.

8:28 PM : The players tumble, we can go.

8:25 PM : Maybe it’s the good weather and my good mood that do that, but I think the atmosphere isn’t that bad yet. And this even if there have to be 7,000 people blowing everything up (which is almost triple the usual crowd this season in Charléty).

8:20 p.m. : Omar Daf’s Sochaux XI.

8:15 pm : The composition of the PFC, bereft of Khalid Boutaïb, who unfortunately crossed paths last week. Courage man.

8:10 p.m. : The 200 Sochaux supporters (with a wet finger, huh, we are not yet a cow) seem well on their way to winning the battle for the stands.

8 p.m.: Hi la mif! I just landed in the stands, the atmosphere is worthy of the Bombonera tonight in Charléty (NO). On the other hand, big up for the speaker who gives everything to warm up the meager audience. I respect that.

Saluuuuuuuuuut fifous and welcome to this live Ligue 2! On the program is a short play-off match between Thierry Laurey’s Paris FC and FC Sochaux-Montbéliard led by Omar Daf, in an equally hot Charléty stadium. All right, all right, we laugh a little, but it’s necessary to hold out in a fence as slammed as that of the Porte de Gentilly. We still hope that the beautiful Parisian sun will encourage spectators to come watch and set the mood. Just as we hope for a lively competition, rise to the challenge.

“See you at 8pm to launch this live Paris FC – Sochaux…