The Pass’Sport system will be extended to undergraduate scholarship students

Emmanuel Macron will announce an extension of the Pass’Sport system, a fee of €50 for obtaining a sports license, for scholarship students during a trip this Wednesday, June 8 in the afternoon to Clichy-sous-Wood (Seine-Saint -Denis ).

Inauguration of a “solidarity dojo”

Four days before the first round of the parliamentary elections, the head of state is therefore making a third visit on social issues, after the hospital in Cherbourg and the school in Marseille last week.

During this trip, dedicated to the sport of young people in the neighborhoods, Emmanuel Macron will inaugurate a “solidarity dojo”.

The president, who is accompanied by the Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra and the President of the French Judo Federation Olivier Klein, must also attend breakdance demonstrations.

Democratizing the practice of sport

The solidarity dojos allow young people from the neighborhood to practice judo and the associated sports disciplines (taïso, ju-jitsu, kendo, etc.) for free, as in a club, explains the French Judo Federation on its website.

The dojo Clichy-sous-Bois is part of the “land plan 5,000 lands announced in October 2021 that provides for the development of 5,000 local sports facilities, on the horizon of the 2024 Olympic Games, for 200 million euros.

A thousand dojos and martial arts or boxing rooms, 1,000 multi-sport facilities, 500 basketball courts or even 200 mobile swimming pools for teaching toddlers to swim will soon open up in neighborhoods and rural areas, the ministry’s website said.

The comprehensive Pass’Sport

The head of state will also return to deploy the Pass’Sport, a measure announced in May 2021 to support the resumption of licenses in sports clubs after the health crisis.

With the Pass’Sport, young people from six to 18 years old can reduce the cost of their registration by €50, based on social criteria.

It will be extended to the 160,000 scholarship students to encourage the practice of sports, which are weaker among the student population, the presidency said.

Extension of “learning holidays”

Emmanuel Macron will also announce the renewal of the devices “summer quarters” and “learning holiday” set up for young people who do not go on holiday.

The “summer quarters” offer sports (football tournaments, cycling, etc.), culture (micro-festivals, open-air film screenings, etc.) and training (first aid, road safety, etc.).

The “learning holiday” provide academic reinforcement as well as leisure and nature discovery activities.

This trip to Seine-Saint-Denis has nothing to do with the chaotic Champions League final at the Stade de France, where supporters were sprayed with tear gas or victims of theft and assault, the Elysée assured. This department will host the 2024 Olympics, the presidency noted.

Emmanuel Macron, who multiplies the field visits, then goes this Thursday to the Tarn, to Gaillac, to discuss security in the countryside.

The Pass’Sport system will be extended to undergraduate scholarship students