The perfect heist for the Bretons! – Dbrief and COMMENTS from the players (Lens 0-1 Brest) – Football

The perfect heist. Despite a crushing domination, Lens fell to Brest this Saturday in Stade Bollaert (0-1), as part of the 27th day of Ligue 1. The Sang et Or missed a great opportunity to get back into the wheel of the leading teams…

The joy of Brestois after the opener for Honorat.

De Brestois came up with a plan and they leave with the three points. Thanks to an iron defense, the SB29 effectively defied predictions to take down Lens (1-0) this Saturday at the Bollaert Stadium, as part of the 27th day of Ligue 1.

The Northerners had a great chance to get past Lyon and get back into the wheel of the leading teams, but it was the Bretons who pulled off the great operation of the day, with 35 points on the clock now that feels good maintenance.

Kakuta, the flash of genius

Under pressure from their audience, Franck Haise’s men quickly took control of the ball. And they didn’t let go for the first 20 minutes, with two good situations at stake: a first for Kakuta, author of a brilliant run that finished a few inches from the post, then a second for Kalimuendo, whose shot was blocked by a vigilant bizot.

In an unprecedented system with three defenders, the visitors needed time to put their game in place. And their awakening coincided with the first fatigue of the Lensois, shortly before the half hour, but neither Satriano nor Uronen managed to deceive Leca. A rest that was ultimately necessary for the Sang et Or, who after the rest set out again to attack the surface in Brest!

Bizot and Honorat find the Lensois!

Clauss almost hit the mark as soon as he came back from the dressing room with a beautiful free kick, but Bizot took off perfectly to keep his clean sheet. The Dutch goalkeeper, who had an absolutely amazing day, then went into disgust at Sotoca with an incredible direct reflex! Resist to hurt better in fast transitions: Michel Der Zakarian had a plan and he followed it to the letter.

Honorat even made it perfect by cleverly stealing his ball past Leca after a small personal exploit (0-1, 59th)! A hard blow for the Northerners… quickly awakened by Bollaert and Haise’s coaching. Frankowski, who had just come into play, thought he would level the two teams again, but the ball had gone out at the start of the action… Hot action, again, when Ganago missed his lob before being mowed down by Bizot, but the VAR didn’t flinch. Until the end, Brest resisted… to achieve the perfect hold-up.

The score of the match: 6/10

A good match in Ligue 1. With Lensois on the attack and Brestois sure of their defensive strength. The confrontation was worth the detour, and the players gave us a good game with gestures of class – even genius when it came to Kakuta – but also a lot of effort, and above all a nice goal.

The target :

– The Douaron discount for Honorat on the right. The piston of the day slides between Danso and Doucour before cheating Leca with a nice stabbed ball (0-1, 59th).

COMMENTS from the players

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) of comments to each player.

Man of the match: Marco Bizot (8/10)

Difficult to choose between the doorman from Brest and his right hand piston, Franck Honorat. Without the second, Brest certainly wouldn’t have won today, but without the first, the SB29 would undoubtedly have lost. Because on a great day, Bizot disgusted the Lensois forwards throughout the game with six decisive saves, including two exceptional ones against Clauss and Sotoca.


Jean-Louis Leca (5): A frustrating encounter for Leca, author of two fairly easy saves before giving in to a nice ball stung by Honorat.

Jonathan Gradit (6): still clean in the recovery, Gradit was there in the duels. On the action of the target, do not blame him.

Kevin Danso (6): in the recovery or the duels, Danso achieved a first period of a very high level. But after the break, he encountered some difficulties. Due to the action of the goal, he leaves the field free Honorat.

Facundo Medina (5): Like Gradit and Danso, Medina was true to herself in recovery, that is, clean. But sometimes we felt lost on the ground. Replace the 74th minute with Ignatius Ganago (not not)who missed his lob before being mowed down by Bizot at the end of the game, but the VAR didn’t flinch.

Jonathan Clauss (6.5): what does Clauss blame for this match? Defensively, the right piston took care of it. And offensively, he caused major problems for the Brestois thanks to his incessant climbs. He could also have scored from a free kick, but Bizot got his try perfectly. Replace the 90th minute with Deiver Machado (not not)

Cheick Oumar Doucoure (5): His performance is ruined by this poor placement on goal action, when he completely forgets Honorat to let him go on goal alone. A shame, because Doucour has again done a lot of work in midfield, always with these nice sharp passes to break through the lines. Replace the 84th minute with Patrick Berg (not)

Seko Fofana (5.5): The demand for Fofana is increasing week by week and the midfielder didn’t have his usual appearance today. He certainly did his job in midfield and could have scored in the second half without an incredible save from Brassier, but we now expect more from the Ivorian.

Massadio Hadara (5): Positioned on the left, Hadara didn’t have the same impact as Frankowski. Whether offensively or defensively, and we saw it when the Pole came into play.Replaced in the 74th minute by Przemyslaw Frankowski (not not)who thought to equalize before seeing that his goal was disallowed by VAR because the ball had gone out at the start of the action.

Gal Kakuta (6): Kakuta almost scored one of the goals of the year. In the first period, he performed an air control on a trivial ball before setting off a superb volley that finished just inches from the post. Furthermore, the former Aminois was the main danger on the side of Lensois for an hour. Replace the 74th minute with David Costa (not)

Florian Sotoca (5.5): Saving defensive efforts, but also a lot of waste for Sotoca today. However, the striker could have been the hero of the day: unfortunately for him, Bizot had an incredible reflex on his volley at close range.

Arnaud Kalimuendo (6): sometimes lonely against the three central defenders of Brest, Kalimuendo didn’t deserve that. He created his first chance on his own, before delivering a love ball to Sotoca, whose direct volley was masterfully stopped by Bizot.


Marco Bizot (8): see above.

Jean-Kevin Duverne (7): trained in Lens, the versatile defender played a big game against his old club. Defensively very solid, Duverne even let himself slide over a small Fofana bridge in the first period, on a hot action.

Christopher Hrelle (7): Like all his teammates in defense, Hrelle has fought hard to keep his zero. With success: often unlike Sotoca in duels, the central defender won this match within the match.

Lilian Brassier (7): Kalimuendo was certainly cold in the first period, aiming for excellent control, but Brassier regained control afterwards. In the end a great performance by the central defender, who saved his side at the end of the game on a shot by Fofana.

Franck Honorat (8): placed in the right piston, the usual striker did not spare his efforts. Both defensively and offensively. And it finally paid off on this great personal action that ended with a winning sting for Leca.

Haris Belkebla (7): It’s simple, Belkebla was everywhere. The midfielder was always well placed to recover balls and destroyed many Lensoise opportunities during 90 minutes. One of the great architects of this success.

Lucien Agoume (6): His calm in revival is shown in all football schools. On the other hand, he would benefit from being more precise, like these ball losses that could have been detrimental in the first period.

Jere Uronen (6): It was he who framed his team’s first attack, but without really worrying Leca. Uronen reacted offensively today. But on defense Clauss caused him a lot of problems. Replace the 90th minute with Julien Faussurier (no not)

Romain Del Castillo (5): Rarely at the right pace in the first period, Del Castillo recovered in the second act with a decisive role in clearing the ball. Replace the 74th minute with Paul Lasne (not not)

Jrmy Le Douaron (5.5): in spite of everything a frustrating match for Le Douaron, who had little room to speak out against Danso. Still, he ended this encounter with a decisive pass, even though Honorat had done most of the work on goal. Replace the 75th minute with Steve Mouni (no not)

Martn Satriano (5): Well taken by Gradit, Satriano only had one ball to sink his teeth into, and he missed the target. The Brest striker was generous and rarely served by his teammates. Replace the 84th minute with Hugo Magnetti (not)

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LENS 0-1 BREST (interim: 0-0) – FRANCE – Ligue 1/27th day
Stadium: Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens – Referee: Johan Hamel, France

goals :- F. Honorat (59th) for BREST
Warnings F. Medina (67th)for LENS H. Belkebla (54th)for BREST

LENSJ.LecaJ. GraditK. DansoF. Medina (I. Ganago, 74th)C. Doucour (P. Berg, 84th)S.FofanaJ. Clauss (D. Machado, 90th)Mr. Hadara (P. Frankowski, 74th)G. Kakuta (David Costa, 74th)F.SotocaA.Muinga

BRESTMr BizotJ.DuverneC. HrelleL.BrassierH. BelkeblaL. AgoumeF. HonoratJ. Uronen (J. Faussurier, 90th)R. Del Castillo (P. Lasne, 74th)J. Le Douaron (S. Mouni, 75th)Martin Satriano

The Bollaert Stadium is flooded around the Sang et Or . to push

Kakuta’s genius flash in the first period

Sotoca almost opened the scoring, but it was without counting on Bizot!

After the break, Honorat broke the Bollaert atmosphere (0-1, 59th)!

Frankowski thought afterwards to equalize, but the ball had gone out earlier…

Brest owes his victory Honorat, but also this man