The price of petrol is about to fall according to Michel-Edouard Leclerc

PETROL – Fuel prices continue to rise, in the context of the war in Ukraine, sometimes firmly exceeding the symbolic two euro bar for several days. However, since Friday March 11, the big brands have multiplied their marketing efforts and optimistic statements.

BFMTV guest, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, CEO of the group of the same name, estimated that the price of diesel should fall by 35 cents from Monday. He adds that this decline will be less pronounced for the SP 95 and 98, around 8-10 cents.

“It’s a crazy market. I do not understand. We are the second largest consumer of fuel in France. We buy it for the Leclerc centers, for Système U, for the RATP, for transport companies. We have a nice observatory. I announced an outbreak at the beginning of the week and today the market is spinning,” observes Michel-Edouard Leclerc.

This decline, mainly explained by the fall in the price of crude oil despite the US embargo imposed by Joe Biden, should not remain that way, however. “And the euro is rising against the dollar,” said Michel-Edouard Leclerc.

This price cut at the pump should affect all brands. He adds that “one station can be more expensive than another in a few hours” and cites regional examples to illustrate the price differences French motorists have been experiencing from one station to another in recent days. “In Alsace, prices are more expensive because distributors buy from inland vessels sailing down the Rhine. At a refinery in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) it is cheaper, almost 10 cents cheaper,” he notes.

“What is needed is that consumers look at websites from hour to hour. I don’t say ‘buy from Leclerc’, I say ‘compare the prices’. Those who have stock are cheaper,” adds the leader.

Operation 1 euro at Casino

Among the communication activities, that of Casino stands out. The liter is announced at one euro this Friday and Saturday.

This promotion, which only applies from Friday to Saturday, should attract many motorists. Valid in several dozen Géant Casino branded stores where there is a gas station, the promotion covers all fuels available at the pump.

On the other hand, to take advantage of this promotion, once the full fact is complete, it is necessary to go to the reception of his store to get the difference back in the form of a voucher. But be careful, because this voucher can only be spent from 100 euros on purchases in the entire store until Sunday 13 March. The conditions and participating brands can be found here.

A more than welcome drop in the price per litre

With such a drastic rise in recent weeks, the price of the pump has hurt many French people who depend on the precious fuel to get around. Which is driving some gas station operators to take new measures, such as in Saint-Paulien, in the Haute-Loire. As evidenced by France 3 this Thursday, March 10, in the gas station of Olivier Thomas, they refuse to sell gasoline at such prices.

“We refuse to sell fuel for 2.50 euros per litre. We don’t condone theft!”, justifies this manager who decided to stop sales purely after he wanted to place an order to renew his fuel stock.

In this gas station, as in many others, diesel went from 1.80 euros per liter to 2.19 euros in a few days. If Olivier Thomas had ordered additional fuel, the price of diesel would have been set at 2.47 euros per litre.

“If we are at 2.50 euros, why not 3 euros? I stop. It is out of the question that I put a liter in a car for 2.50 euros. Even the computer, when I wanted to change my price, told me not to have inconsistent prices. Something is wrong, the manager explains, I had to call my assistance, to change them and bet 2.47 euros. I tell myself this is unacceptable. Even if the computer won’t take it, I put down a piece of paper to say I wouldn’t supply fuel at that price. It is not possible”.

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