The retro motorsport stable Perche organizes a 70 km ride on the roads of Perche

As part of the National Day proposed by the French Federation of Old-timers (FFVE), the Écurie Perche retro motorsport (EPRAS) organizes on Sunday 24 April an outing open to clubs and individuals and their vintage cars. After two years of sleep due to the Covid, collectors are happy to meet again for this 70 km collective ride on the roads of Perche.

The retro exhibition of motorcycles, cars and bicycles at the company Cuir auto passion, in Arcisses: an exciting journey through time

No registration and free participation

The outing is not reserved for Epras members. All owners of a vehicle over the age of 30, car, motorcycle or others, can participate.
The public is invited to come and admire these rolling stars, from 10am to 12pm, on the Place du 11-Août, before their departure and on their return from their Percheron trip, in the evening. Registration is not necessary and participation is free. In general, we always report a good turnout for this event,” says Jean-François Ticot, secretary of Epras.

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The city center of Nogent-le-Rotrou will find its famous traffic jam on June 26, 2022

A 70 km walk in the Eurelian Perch

The route of the walk in the Eurelian Perch will take the minor roads. The departure is given after lunch, at 2 pm. The procession of cars heads towards Margon, in the commune of Arcisses, then heads towards Marolles-les-Buis, crosses Frétigny and Saint-Denis d’Authou in the commune of Saintigny, then goes to Thiron-Gardais , continue on to Beaumont- les-Autels, Saint-Lubin des cinq fonts, Coudray-au-Perche, Vichères, Trizay-Coutretôt Saint-Serge before returning to the starting point, in Nogent-le-Rotrou.

Practice. Gather on Sunday, April 24, from 10am, at the Place du 11-Août in Nogent-le-Rotrou. Exhibition of vehicles, meetings and exchanges with the public until 12:00. At 2 p.m., departure of the walk. Return to the site of August 11 in the evening.

Jean-François Ticot Secretary of the Perche Retro Auto Sport Team (EPRAS).
How will 2022 go for Epras?
Activities are picking up again after two years of disruption due to the Covid. On March 27, with 40 vehicles and 80 people, we had a great spring outing of about 100 kilometers. We felt that people liked to meet, to discuss. We visited the restoration company SVautomobiles in Yèvres. We also visited Gilles Boutard’s goat farm in Gohory and the museum of Gérard Neveu in Ceton, a car, horse, pedal, etc. enthusiast.
What are your next releases?
On May 22 we will go to Bagnoles de L’orne where we will visit the thermal baths. On June 26, it’s the Bouchon de Nogent-le-Rotrou. We already have more than 40 registrations. At the end of April, we went to Le Mans with the friends of the club, on the Classic days, to hand out flyers.

Jocelyne Legros