The Sport Excellence Reconversion School inaugurated in Paris

This Tuesday, the Sport Excellence Reconversion school, which belongs to the ACE Education group, was inaugurated on the premises of AMOS Sport Business School. In particular, Laura Flessel, Sylvestre Louis and Richard Hullin attended the press conference to launch this school for elite athletes, current or retired.

This is a novelty in higher education: the Sport Excellence Reconversion school, integrated into the ACE Education group, is one of the newcomers. This Tuesday, this school, intended for top athletes who are currently in career or retired, was officially launched. “It is in these buildings that the genesis of the project originated. We easily came to Laura (Flessel), Richard (Hullin) and Sylvestre (Louis) because we too are committed to better support athletes in this triple project: Sport, Excellence and Retraining », said Jonathan Bossé, director of AMOS Sport Business School Paris, ahead of the press conference. Sylvestre Louis, director of the ACE Education group, Richard Hullin, former marketing director of Adidas France and Laura Flessel, five-time Olympic medalist fencing (two in gold, one in silver and two in bronze) and former Minister of Sport from May 2017 to September 2018 co-founded this new establishment that aims to help athletes build a personalized course in one of four sectors from which to choose: Sports Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Luxury and Design.

Three goals have been set for this: young people who are starting their career, athletes who want to prepare a double project and retirees from sport. “We are here to help athletes build a personalized course. We know how difficult retraining is for them. It is true that it is a great subject, but above all a real project. We are committed to addressing this issue.”, reveals Sylvestre Louis, one of the co-founders of this structure. The Sport Excellence Reconversion school sees the long term thanks to the vision of the three partners, their expertise and their experience. Richard Hullin indicates that it is important to stay outside of this school “Feeder a community around true values”“You should know that every year 7,500 athletes retire and 40% of them have a level below the baccalaureate”, reveals Laura Flessel. The strong points of this establishment? The flexible training model (1 to 36 months) in face-to-face and distance learning, a comprehensive training offer accessible to everyone without qualification requirements, a common core dedicated to personal development and direct links with companies.

Large groups work together with Sport Excellence Reconversion

Groupama and ADECCO partner with the structure dedicated to elite athletes. As Groupama is a partner of 70 semi-professional and professional clubs, Manuel Barbanchon, head of partnerships for the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, felt it important to join the school co-founded by Sylvestre Louis, Richard Hullin and Laura Flessel. “I am happy to participate in the Sport Excellence Reconversion project because the men and women who implement this initiative promote important values ​​around people and areas”he reported in a video released for the occasion.

Thibault Vautier, General Manager of Specialized Activities of the ADECCO Group, attended the conference. Aware of the recruitment difficulties that currently exist in the labor market, the CEO of the group specializing in temporary work is also happy to participate in the Sport Excellence Reconversion project.

Lack of support and confidence

The end of an athlete’s career is (very) often feared. † Big pros say they can’t do anything,” informs Richard Hullin. Laura Flessel confirms and adds that athletes still fear the unknown after giving 15, 20, 30 years of their lives to sport. † It is important to restore confidence and desire and show them that they are capable of anything.Laura Flessel insists.

Now it’s time for former athletes Thierry Jullier, ex-jockey, and Eric Amalou, former French international handball player (31 selections), to speak. The first, a jockey with 1,800 race wins, has retired for a year. He acknowledged that the end of his career was hard for him and now feels supported. Although he comments on horse racing for the channel equinesBy joining the school, he was able to find a guideline and realized that he had qualities that he didn’t necessarily know.

As for Eric Amalou, retired since the end of the 2000s and in charge of a small structure in Thiais (Val-de-Marne), he knew Sport Excellence Reconversion because his daughter, a friend of Laura Flessel’s, informed him that the former swordsman wanted to call him. He allowed himself to be tempted, although he was afraid of the skill record because of a bad past experience. Finally, thanks to Sylvie Mourrat and Laura Flessel, he was able to regain confidence in his skills. “I had already prepared everything on the day of the appointment. Sylvie Mourrat had sent me videos and links to watch to help me prepare for this skill assessment and I realized I knew a lot of things », the former tricolor winger said after the conference. Before stating that he felt a lack of support at the end of his career. ‘The end of my career was difficult’he admits. The Sport Excellence Reconversion school is here to support athletes and aims to lay a broad and solid foundation so that athletes can flourish in their structure.