the sports minister confirms that Lille can host basketball for the first week

Guest of the RMC Sport Show this Sunday, the Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra took stock of a current topic: the choice of the location for basketball at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The latest trend is to see the phases of the qualifying in Lille .

This is a much discussed topic. Two years after the 2024 Olympics in Paris, basketball has not yet officially found its roots. The Porte de Versailles exhibition center, south of the capital, was initially supposed to host the preparatory phase of the basketball tournament – the final phase will be played in Bercy – but the Paris Olympic Games Organizing Committee (Cojo) preferred to give up at the end of March. In question: A controversy launched by executives of the Blues, starring Evan Fournier, in a room with a “too low ceiling”. Faced with this protest and the restrictions that this hall 6 of the Parc des Expositions entailed, this trail was abandoned by the various authorities. The latest trend is to play the qualifying stages in Lille.

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“We are going to find common ground, promised the Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra this Sunday at RMC. On July 12, the board of directors of Paris 2024 will mark the landing of this decision. Discussions are progressing well between FIBA ​​​(the international basketball federation) and the teams of Paris 2024. The IOC is looking at all this with its own spirit of reconciliation. Today there is a real option around Lille.” The idea, therefore, would be that the first week of basketball be held in the North, before moving on to Bercy from the quarter-finals. “We still have to make technical security, explain why we are on the way to this choice. We have just over ten days ahead of us to properly join forces around this choice,” emphasizes Amélie Oudéa-Castera.

‘We would all like to have 36,000 Bercy’

At the RMC Sport Show, Jean-Philippe Gatien, Executive Director of Sports de Paris 2024, also confirmed this option in Lille: “It is indeed a solution that is on the table and much discussed. We still have regular exchanges with the IOC and FIBA When we did all the analyses, we realized that there would be a problem with light in Hall 6 and glare for the players due to the height of the ceiling From the moment it affected the athletes’ experience, we decided by mutual agreement agreement with Fiba to withdraw the option of Hall 6. So it is free and the International Handball Federation has informed us of its interest. Very strong to be able to organize the preparatory handball events there. This reflection is on the table.” And it may not appeal to everyone.

In recent days, Evan Fournier has again criticized the choice of the basketball venue for the Olympics by witnessing NBA champion Stephen Curry, hinting at his desire to play in the next Games. “Steph who wants to go to Paris. But we are going to explain to him that the 2024 Olympics in Paris are not in Paris because basketball is a category 2 discipline. Well done guys!!!”, New York player Knicks wrote on Twitter . “We are looking for an overall balance, also considering the budgetary impact”, he replied on the antenna of RMC Jean-Philippe Gatien.

And to add: “Handball players also want to have an Olympic experience in Paris, which was not the case before Hall 6 was released. We would all like to have 36,000 Bercy and everyone to be in Paris. It is not so simple as that. Nowadays, the idea of ​​switching between basketball and handball allows us to have a better balance and quite a phenomenal sports experience. In Lille, when there was the “Eurobasketball or the World Handball Championships, we can refuel until 27,000 people and a crazy atmosphere. Some basketball players have a good memory of Euro 2015 in Lille, they keep a fantastic memory of it. We want a balance between basketball, handball and volleyball so that everyone can have a week in Paris. †