the UDSIS marine sports center renovated for the 2024 Olympics

The president of the department, Hermeline Malherbe, presented on Tuesday, June 21, the renovation work that will be carried out at the water sports center of the Union Départementale Scolaire et d’Intérêt Social (UDSIS) in Saint-Cyprien. She was accompanied by Jean Roque, President of UDSIS and Vice-President of the Department, Marie-Pierre Sadourny, Vice-President of UDSIS and Vice-President of the Department responsible for Education, Colleges and Youth Affairs, and Thierry Voisin, Member of the Departmental Council.

The renovation project was welcomed by the department chair, Hermeline Malherbe, insisting that the installation “is a public service, available to schools, leisure centers, as part of the UDSIS public service and support for sports and leisure activities. It is the children of the area who can benefit from it. This operation is also part of the 2024 Olympic Games and will allow to welcome high-level teams to this site. The department and the city of Saint-Cyprien have already been labeled, with the aim of welcoming teams during training before the Games.”

The aim of this operation is to restore this emblematic center of the 1970s by combining modernity and heritage, modularity and accessibility, always motivated by an exemplary logic of sustainable development. The center consists of three buildings that allow to offer a full range of services around the practice of sailing: training rooms, accommodation, catering, storage, changing rooms… It is almost 3,000 m2 with avant-garde architectural lines . , which are recognized as “Remarkable Contemporary Architecture of the 20th Century”.

The renovation works will make it possible to adapt the building to the new constraints and to emphasize the optimal conditions for access to the sea, both for initiation activities to the practice of sailing sports and for the reception of delegations in preparation. the Paris Olympics in 2024. For these reasons, the UDSIS obtained the “Games Preparation Center” label with the support of the department and then of the city of Saint-Cyprien, both with the “Terres de Jeux” label. The Pyrénées-Orientales will thus be equipped with a center of excellence in nautical sports, complementing the mountain that is the National Center for Altitude Training (CNEA) in Font-Romeu, already a partner of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

These are the objectives that the department and UDSIS want to achieve. This 9.6 million euros project is supported by the Pyrénées-Orientales department for an amount of 3.2 million euros and also aided by the region. It aims to ensure the sustainability of the structure, improve the site, improve the quality of reception and the functionality of the center, and finally improve the energy performance of the buildings. Typical of this ‘brutalist’ architecture of the 1970s, the facades will be upgraded and highlighted to preserve their architectural character day and night. This improvement will be accompanied by landscaping to create shaded relaxation areas open to the sea. The interior of the three buildings will also be modernized. Among these remarkable restructurings, we can note the individualization of the changing rooms, a conference room with a panoramic view of the sea, an upgrade of the accommodation area and finally reconfigured training rooms equipped with modular partitions that allow their size to be adapted. need. Rehabilitation work will also aim to improve the energy performance of the building to allow summer and winter use with greater respect for the environment.

The department is committed to improving the living environment of Catalans and offering quality services to the public. This commitment is reinforced here by the desire to involve the Pyrénées-Orientales in the adventure of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Works on the water sports center will start at the end of this year and end later in December 2023.