The Yonne Tour Sport is back after two years of absence, discover the program

“There is real enthusiasm for this event. People are asking for this kind of free event to meet up,” said Maxence Guinebault, director of the local life center at Pont-sur-Yonne town hall. From July 11 to August 17, 27 municipalities in the department take turns organizing the Yonne Tour Sport.

The opportunity to give Icaunais children and young people the opportunity to play sports and discover new sports. Parkour, mini-motorcycle or even kayak, more than 25 different activities are set up so that the young people of the region have a good time.

Registration takes place every day on site, from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm. Qualified supervisors are of course present to monitor the smooth running of the day.

“We can’t wait to get started”

For Hervé Cambou, youth director of the department, “it has been a great sadness not to carry out its activities for the past two years. We are eager to get started”. A long wait, translated by a few more dates, compared to previous editions.

This year, the candidate municipalities for the organization of 2020 received the Yonne Tour Sport. “We had to worry about having a date in each canton of the department,” adds Hervé Cambou.

Please note that on certain dates, a relaxation area with a library and sun loungers will be set up for parents to enjoy the day as well.

premium In Sens, forget your handicap for a judo session

The places and dates of the Yonne Tour Sport 2022

Pont-sur-YonneMonday 11 July 2022stadium chablisTuesday 12 July 2022stadium AppoignyWednesday 13 July 2022municipal park MigennesFriday 15 July 2022Lucien Masson Stadium avalon, Monday 18 July 2022rue Mathe Saint-FlorentineTuesday 19 July 2022Jean Lancray Stadium moneteauWednesday 20 July 2022stadium, tennis court, yard Ancy le FrancThursday 21 July 2022park, gymnasium, barracks ChevannesFriday 22 July 2022multipurpose room
Aillant-sur-TholonMonday 25 July 2022stadium
ThunderTuesday 26 July 2022the pastry
Theil-sur-VanneWednesday 27 July 2022gymnasium
VenoyThursday 28 July 2022Stadium, banquet hall
cudotFriday 29 July 2022castle street
Villiers St-BenoitMonday, August 1, 2022the pastry
CheroyTuesday 2 August 2022Stadium, Park Höhenkirchen
Annay sur SereinWednesday 3 August 2022Park
Malay the GreatThursday, August 4, 2022party hall
Brant Friday, August 5, 2022party hall
Celebrate the gravesMonday 8 August 2022park, school street
St-Sauveur in PuisayeTuesday 9 August 2022castle park
Rogny the 7 locksWednesday 10 August 2022The island
DixmontThursday 11 August 2022city ​​stadium
MontillotFriday 12 August 2022stadium
St ClementTuesday 16 August 2022rose of flowers
St-Georges sur BaulcheWednesday 17 August 2022place to be determined

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Guillaume Desventes
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