these unlikely expressions you definitely don’t know

The vast universe of the French language is in perpetual evolution† The creation of new words is permanent, especially in the area of sport† One of the reasons for this unequivocal finding is that the vocabulary in connection with the sports field must be enriched, to the rhythm of actions and situations that were not there before.

Here is a list of some French sports expressions that will at least make you smile in the worst case scenario:

Football: a well-stocked supplier of expressions

  • “Cleaning the Spider’s Web”

We’re not talking about cleaning here, don’t worry, we’re talking about a overpowered shot moved in straight awayskylightof the target. Hence the image of the “cobwebExactly. The goalkeepers don’t really appreciate this practice, as these hits from a surgical precision are unstoppable for them in the vast majority of cases.

For those who want to deepen the subject, this brilliant work will give you a little more information about the technical prowess of the greatest virtuosos of football history. Of Football: beautiful gesturesthe unusual is mixed with the spectacular thanks to the pen of Nathalie Iannetta

The best gestures of football La Redoute

If at first glance one may believe that this has to do with the purely commercial domain, then that is not the case at all. This expression actually refers to a ultra-defensive tactics consisting of bringing together all team block closest to his target, to minimize the opponents’ chances of coming back.

  • “Leave your business card”

Nothing to see with Vistaprintit’s just a matter of designating an action where a player (quite technically in general) leaves his opponent on the spot with a masterfully executed dribble† Small precision, it’s the flagship commentator of being in sportssome Omar Da Fonseca who made this expression popular.

In addition, admirers of the whimsical Argentinian follow his journey used since childhood Gracias a la vida† Vitality, dedication and love of sharing are on the agenda for this fascinating lecture

Omar Da Fonseca fnac

A pictorial expression that in most cases refers to: experienced goalscorerswith qualities of placement exceptional. An innate sense of purpose that allows them to always score from the right spot in the penalty area, especially by managing to be forgotten

Rugby: sweet and delicate words

Originally the term “cathedralhas to do with religion. rugbyits use has been slightly diverted, as we are talking about a species very dangerous tackle, which is severely reprimanded elsewhere. The principle is to literally turn your opponent over, feet in the air and head down, before they drop with all their weight. on the cervix

In the history of rugby there have been many players strong character† This is the subject of this book rugby bad boys in which figure the strong heads of “this rogue sport practiced by gentlemen

Rugby Bad Boys fnac
  • “Make a Stop/Buffet”

As long as there’s violence, we might as well stay there. On the menu of this fairly basic buffet is a powerful tackle at the level of the torso that stops the opponent dead.

Anyone want to bring a little extra?

  • “The flies have changed donkeys”

Directly inspired by a fable of Fountain, this expression certainly less poetic than it seems, means that luck has switched sides. And when the the wind turns so brutalthe team that dominated the match is dominated in turn.

Several twists and turns have marked the collective imagination in the history of this sport, and this is exactly what is mentioned in The legendary matches of world rugby† Memorable actions, suspense, exceptional players, for a captivating read.

The legendary matches of world rugby fnac
  • “The hut fell on the dog”

When the specialists of the oval balloon pronounces this series of words, it is generally that “mass has been saidWell, we’re not going to cloud your mind any further by substituting one expression for another. In summary, this means a team has clearly taken the ascendant on the other, and that the outcome of the meeting is (almost) a foregone conclusion.

Basketball: The NBA Influences the World

Finally, a rather basic term, which serves to indicate the fact of being decisive at important moments of a game, especially in the closing moments of the game, when the score is tight.

Those who want to immerse themselves a little more in all the outstanding moments of this planetary popularity sport should read »The best basketball book of all time“, written by experts in the field, namely trash talk

The best basketball book of all time E.Leclerc

Quick little tutorial: take the defender on one side with you by letting him follow you, before returning the ball to your other hand.

A dribbling technique that lets the defender down imbalance and out of position

  • “Put on a buzzer knocker”

There is no need to create crates, this concept is quite easy to understand. Simply put, it’s whenthe ball enters the ring after ringing end of quarter does not sound. Note that the ball must still leave the player’s hands before this audible signal sounds to drop the basket Valid

In the event that this happens at the very end of the match, you can the hero of a whole nation by tilting the meeting in a split second.

Not to mention one of history’s greatest athletes, who is also a buzzer-beater specialist in the person of the so-called Michael Jordan † Through this biography titled Lifelearn more about its extraordinary abilities basketball genius to world fame.

Michael Jordan Life fnac

We’ve bothered you enough with English as it is, a quick return to the language of Molière† Finally nothing too complicated (who said basketball was an impossible sport to understand). It is said that a player “in the racket” when it is in the area under each basket.

Forbidden to stay there longer than 3 secondsotherwise the opponent will regain possession of the ball!

Tennis: a very specific vocabulary

What could be more humiliating in a individual sport than to suffer a defeat without having scored a single point. This is exactly what this expression corresponds to, which ultimately means that the score was clear: 6-0, 6-0

Sometimes some players don’t necessarily want to stay on the pitch forever, and we can understand them…

Tennis remains a very mentally difficult to graspas confirmed by Gilles Simon through the book This sport that drives you crazy in which he sheds both light on the mental dimensionbut also the notion of talent and humility.

This sport that drives you crazy – Gilles Simon La Redoute

In French it would be like saying “be a lucky loser“. But you’re going to tell me that makes no sense. Not at all. tennis suddenly, as we are talking about a player who was eliminated in the last qualifying round, but was drafted for the main draw after the withdrawal from one of the qualifying rounds.

It’s not necessarily the noblest shot in tennis history, even if some use it to… destabilize the opponent. This gesture, which is often compared to: provocation consists of taking from below during a service.

With this you always have time to refresh your tennis vocabulary dictionary of tennis loverthe result of a collaboration between Laurent Binet and former athlete Antoine Benneteau

dictionary for tennis lovers fnac

Spectacular and boldthis difficult shot is when a player hits the ball between his legs.

Cycling: not really in the lace

We see you getting misguided thoughts that start to think this is a somewhat suspicious sexual practice. None of this, because it’s just one cunning technique used by the riders, which stays wedged just behind a competitor to be sheltered from the wind in front of enjoy his pursuit

  • “Stairs in semolina” (or in sauerkraut)

You are advised not to try in the literal sense of the word. In any case, it is figuratively a way of saying that one doesn’t no progressactually that we gets stuck in a situation.

In terms of failure, the French Federation of Lose knows a lot about it. So much so that she insisted on making a tasty and brilliant one? tribute to the largest losers in French sport over the years.

The bible of the loss of French sport E.Leclerc

It is a concept that is both very specific and childishly simple.She qualifies the runner sandwiched between two groupswho does not join the first and tries to fight the second.

To deepen your knowledge of these little phrases that shape the cycling world, there is nothing better than getting this glossary On a potato hunt published by Erwann Mingamlittered with funny and evocative images.

On a potato hunt La Redoute

On paper, it is nothing unusual to add a priori a little salt to your bowl of soup. Except that in the world of bicyclethe expression is used to refer to runners who doping agents

Bonuses: it’s a gift

  1. Scoring on a roucoulette : a handball shot in which the ball has a rotating effect due to a movement of the wrist, which will guide it towards the goal during the rebound.
  2. Peter a snake Sudden loss of nerves (losing a cable, blowing through a bolt, panicking, or blowing a fuse also happens in passing).
  3. Send back to the ropes : Used in boxing when a fighter propels his opponent into the ring ropes to attack him with blows. It can also be defined by “putting it back in place” when you leave the sports environment.
  4. go all schuss : for ski enthusiasts, it goes straight without stopping (it comes from “gunshot” in German for those who are interested).
  5. Climb the box : just get on stage.

There, you are now ready to shine in society thanks to these multiple omnisport expressions, all of which make you look like a true expert in the field.