This American bar only broadcasts women’s sports and has become very popular

To remedy the invisibility of women’s sports in the media, an American opened an inclusive and feminist bar in Portland, Oregon. His concept? Only broadcast women’s sports.

youa noticeable imbalance. While 40% of professional athletes are women, women’s sports represent only 4% of global sports media coverage, reports a UNESCO study. To remedy this invisibility, American Jenny Nguyen had a bright idea: open a bar that is not broadcasting Which women sports. Dubbed “The Sports Bra” — a name that has the merit of being explicit — this hangout opened its doors in Portland, Oregon, in early April, and has already opened a store.

“This is not a sports bar for women, it is a bar for women sportswants to clarify Jenny Nguyen, at the microphone of Radio Canadastressing that men are welcome in the establishment.

“I want people to enter this bar like any other bar that broadcasts sporting events,” she continues. The only difference is that these people will see pictures of female athletes on the walls and female athletes on our screens. It’s those little changes that make a huge difference.”

Move the lines

The idea of ​​opening this establishment was born out of disappointment. During an evening with her friends at a bar in the city, Jenny Nguyen was stunned to see that no video of the women’s college basketball final had been broadcast. “It’s the biggest game of the year and we found out that this bar was playing sports. There were probably over 30 TVs there and none were on for the women’s basketball game,” she confides into the microphone. Good morning America

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She then decides to inform the server, which changes channels, without sound, so that her friends can enjoy the famous match. At this precise moment, Jenny is convinced of one thing: “I will never be able to watch women’s sports in a bar again unless I open one.A wish that came true four years later, on April 1, 2022.

Since then, the American has been doing well. “I had no idea what impact this bar would have on such a diversity of people. There are people who come who have never liked the sport! They explain to me that they have never seen a match in their life, but that them to be here every day, thanks to my commitment,” she concludes.

What if we were inspired by this initiative, here in France and everywhere else?

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