three days of sports and entertainment

With great strides, he arrives this long golden weekend in the fine air of Grand Besançon. Clean for photosynthesis and radiation from many outdoor activities. Three days of hemoglobin, in the heart of an area dominated by a primary color: green. “This outdoor festival of Grandes Heures Nature is a flagship and essential element that raises many questions about sport, health, culture, collaboration”. Anne Vignot, the president of the community, wants this dynamic event to “take over this area, make it live, vibrate, animate, allow you to discover, rediscover it”.

“Populated by tourists and sportsmen”

On June 24, 25 and 26, Grand Besançon will put on its shorts and sneakers. To take advantage of this enviable decor. To enter these spaces that the community wants to register “as a destination. There are walks, heritage discoveries, fully integrated. A “universe” that breathes “in the midst of meadows, forests, the gateway to this beautiful Jura mountain”.

A playground to discover “popular with tourists and sports enthusiasts”. An area that allows you to “reconcile professional life and fringe activities. It is more than fulfillment, it is emancipation,” says the mayor of Besançon. And the chance to take on a real life-size challenge. With the mountain bike. By following this large loop on the territory of the community, which connects 42 municipalities. Twice 100 km on the menu for all terrain bike enthusiasts. Plus, parallel, thematic walks; the popular Ekiden; and, for the pleasure of the eyes, a park lighting and pyrotechnic show. Which program !

Chamars, beating heart of the festival

The attractiveness of this green lung, in which 68 municipalities are located, no longer needs to be demonstrated. However, be careful with the risk of suffocation. “This festival is also there, through the values ​​it defends, to remind us of the fragility of this area and the needs for its conservation,” adds community advisor François Bousso, citing its wealth: “the ecotourism , biodiversity, homelessness…” What better way to prevent immune deficiency than by letting everyone soak through this oxygen bubble for a long “friendly and festive” weekend.

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The promenade of Chamars, transformed into a village of activities, initiation and discovery, will be the main ventricle of this exciting program that starts on Friday 24 June with a day dedicated to mobility and school children. 1,000 students from 50 classes and 20 institutions are expected. Plus community agents who are made aware of “good practice regarding commuter travel”. A large number of exhibitors will pass on their passion: Apidays, the association Via Francigena, Chaux et Légendes, the collective Vallée de l’Ognon, mountain guide, caving, Bird Protection League, Roule ma Poule, Yoomigo, etc. This village will also allow to test for free a whole range of activities dedicated to sport, health, prevention and well-being. And to introduce you to nautical activities, BMX, tree climbing, vertical dancing, climbing, paragliding, etc.

Do not forget to register for events of the mobile application Besançon Grandes Heures Nature.