Tolu Latu, a new freak going wrong

Substitute against Racing 92, the Australian whore from Stade Français was suspended for a dangerous gesture. Another sporting overflow that the Parisian club is having a hard time collecting.

impact player. Finally, bad effect. Back in the 45th minute, eviction in the 66th. Dominated by Racing 92, rough in his play and his initiatives and always behind in the score, the Stade Français didn’t need its whore Tolu Latu to get a red card for knocking down Racingman Baptiste Chouzenoux in the air. An expulsion of the most logical, which does not suffer from any dispute.

So what did his teammates say to each other when he was evicted? “We tell ourselves there is a red card, very simply, cash recognizes the opener Joris Segonds. It’s a pity Tolu today (Saturday) cost us a lot of points. Then he’s a player, he’s like us. Sure, he made a good comeback, but let’s not forget that he made us win a few games before. It happens, there are days without, that’s the way it is… It’s a shame for him, it’s also sad for the club. This is where we take the most penalties in a short space of time, four penalties, it stuck our heads at the bottom of the bucket.

Problem, the Australian whore of Tongan descent (22 caps) is not his first “coup de brilliance”. This season he indeed received six yellow cards and now two red cards. A recurring indiscipline that regularly got his team into trouble at crucial moments. His case also stirs up the Paris club and its staff, as Gonzalo Quesada admitted after the game, who wants to take some responsibility by choosing this solid player (1.75 m for 110 kg), who is still one of the best whores in the Top 14, especially in closed scrum.

It’s my fault too. After a long debate I admitted him to play

Gonzalo Quesada

“What about this red card? That it’s an entirely shared fault, recognizes the Parisian manager. And as I said to the players, I apologized, there was a long debate – I’m not going to say more about this debate – but Tolu did what he did in all his last games. It’s a shared mistake: we’re the ones who put him on the pitch and he did what he did, what he did in all these last games, so there are no surprises. But I do not know. We feel it coming (his mistake), you say to yourself “no, he’s not going to do it”…”

Deprived of much experience (Alo-Emile, Kremer, Maestri, Laumape), Stade Français relied on its available executives to hold the barracks against Racing. Tolu Latu was one of them and he punished his team a bit more, which was punished all too often. But Quesada remains in his line of defence, it was he who decided (even if he clearly did not agree) to draft him for this round of 16 first leg of the Champions Cup: “Again, it’s my fault too. After a long debate I admitted him to play. So it’s for me too. Tolu did what he did in all the last games he played: stupid mistakes, cards. We did it to , he came in, he took a box. So it’s up to me to be responsible too.”

I hope for him that it will work, we will help him because he is not so good there. We’ll be with him anyway

Joris Segonds

In addition to these sporting problems, the Stade Français also had to absorb other overflows. In March 2021, after having too much to drink, the hooker fell asleep at the wheel of his car and hit five vehicles parked in the capital’s 16th arrondissement. A similar misstep had happened to him in Australia two years earlier, when he played for the Waratahs (who had him suspended). Investigations at the time revealed that he had faced serious personal problems, including the death of an uncle.

Despite his difficulties with the Stade Français, which this time is only sporting, Tolu Latu will be able to count on the support of his club and his team-mates in the coming days. “I hope for him that it will work, we will help him because he is not so good there, says Joris Segonds. In any case, we will be with him.

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