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Discover the detailed recap of Here It All Begins pre-season 2 with episode 357 airing Wednesday, March 16, 2022 on TF1. Souleymane decides to fight so that his beloved Deva is not deported to India. Tom does not accept his romantic relationship with Florence, Léna and Tom’s mother.

The full ITC soap opera recap of the 3/16/2022 episode with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

Florence and Tom are in love / Screenshot @Nouveautes Télé.com

Find the full summary ofThis is where it all starts episode 357 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 (view the summaries prior to Here it all starts ): the summary of the previous episode Everything starts here from 15-03-2022 is online.

Deva confides in Souleymane about her passion for cooking, from an early age she dreamed of becoming a chef and why not open a cooking school in Pondicherry. Souleymane wants to fight so that Deva can fulfill his dreams.

Deva announces to Eliott that she must return to her country. Souleymane says it’s because of his mother Julia.

Claire asks the students to rethink the kebab as a gourmet dish. Charlène thinks street food is worthless, while Enzo thinks it is great. Claire offers to pair Charlene and Enzo… she thinks Enzo will inspire her. Enzo doesn’t want to distort the kebab… Charlène suggests adding foie gras! Charlène is drunk on the subject, she tells Enzo he can do whatever he wants. Claire’s verdict is clear: it lacks finesse, it’s too low, even if it’s good. Charlene is happy.

Souleymane this is where it all starts

Souleymane has decided to go on hunger strike / Screen capture @Nouveautes Télé.com / ITC pre-episode 357 from Wednesday 16-03-2022

Souleymane arrives at Teyssier’s office: he wants the teachers to fight and prevent Deva’s eviction.

Florence has to go to the institute, she tells Léna that she will try to talk to Tom again.

Antoine and Rose love that Souleymane has so many convictions at this age. They are proud of him. Rose tells Antoine that he passed on some great values ​​to her.

Souleymane this is where it all starts

Souleymane wants Teyssier to respond, but in vain / Screen capture @Nouveautes Télé.com

Souleymane is unreachable for Antoine. He prepares a last resort by posting a live video of the institute. He wants to protest against the deportation of Deva, he has decided to go on hunger strike. He stays in this room and gives news via video. Deva is in tears. Lionel tells Greg and Eliott that Souleymane may die of thirst, he doesn’t care.

Enzo lets a customer he doesn’t know taste his revised kebab. He tells her that he is testing a new recipe. The customer finds it surprising, but when he tastes it, he loves it. He tells her that all her student memories come back in seconds. The kebab is considered refined and gourmet… you dare to present it to Double A. The man takes a picture of Enzo’s kebab and tastes it.

Enzo this is where it all starts

Enzo and Charlène the duo that is not really complementary / Screen capture @Nouveautes Télé.com

Everything starts here before episode 357 of March 16, 2022: Souleymane and Deva coupled

Antoine tells Teyssier that he does not want to prevent Souleymane from going on a hunger strike. Constance says it’s dangerous not to drink.
Antoine and Rose try to convince Souleymane to drink so as not to endanger his health. Deva is touched by what Souleymane does for her. Deva kisses Souleymane.

Deva this is where it all starts

Deva is in love with Souleymane and she assumes (or almost) / Screenshot @Nouveautes Télé.com

Tom apologizes to Amber for reacting badly when she confessed her feelings to him. Tom tells Amber that she means a lot to him. Amber tells her that it is good that she has thought about it, it suits her that they are friends. They shake hands… just as Florence arrives. Amber recognizes Florence as Leo’s mother. Tom tells Florence he’s busy, they meet later to talk.

Antoine this is where it all starts

Antoine fears for his son’s health / Screen capture @Nouveautes Télé.com

Claire asks Florence how she knows Tom. Florence replies that Tom is very close to her son, a bit like a mentor.

Tom is hiding a big secret with Florence

Later, Tom explains to Florence that he lied about Leo and her. Florence thinks Tom is ashamed of “them”. She thinks he can’t afford to be with an older woman anymore. Tom wants to split his private and professional life.
Florence would rather be seen as a cougar than a stranger. Tom tells Florence that she is the woman he loves.

To be continued the summary Here it all begins episode 358 from Thursday 17 March 2022.

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