Top 10 of the most beautiful comebacks in French sport

It’s not just PSG making big comebacks to the face (but if it happens very often). No, sometimes we are happy to see our French wake up at the last minute to offer us victory. Even if you shouldn’t do that too often because we have heart problems and personally I kind of care about life.

1. The comeback of the French handball team against Denmark during Euro 2022

The blues won this match 29-30 so so much to tell you that it was really played with a hair of the ass. And now the French went to the semi-finals as they led the entire game, enough to infuriate the Danes.

2. Vincent Defrasne Olympic champion pursuit in Turin in 2006

In the 2000s, in biathlon there were only two men who won everything (a bit boring, we agree), the Norwegian Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and the Frenchman Raphaël Poirée. And yet in the 2006 Winter Olympics neither one nor the other will win, and it is a total unknown to the battalion that will win. Vincent Defrasne arrives out of nowhere and takes the win from the Norwegian in the final moments of the competition. “And wham in your teeth” he would have added according to the legend.

3. Floria Guei and her comeback during the European Championship 2014

We have seen, reviewed and re-evaluated this video because it is one of the greatest achievements of French sport. It is thanks to her that we knew the famous “ALORS PEUT-ETRE, SO PEUT-EEEETRE” by Patrick Montel (thank you patounet). Here the French women were far from the leading pack and would finish at the foot of the podium in this 4x400m relay. But that was before Floria Guei got a second wind and cheered everyone on on the final stretch of this 4x400m.

We’ll let you watch the video again because even 8 years later, it still makes us tremble.

4. Marc Raquil’s comeback during the final of the 400m world championships in Paris

In the same vein as the final of the 4x400m, in 2003 at the Stade de France, Marc Raquil managed to impress everyone by going up against his opponents and climbing to third place on the podium. Confronted with the Jamaicans and Americans who largely dominate the distance, it must be said that it was truly an achievement. Patrick Montel didn’t believe it until he saw it before his eyes (especially Patounet…). Raquil finished 3rd with a time of 44 seconds 79, which will be the new national record.

5. Pierre Latour winner of the 20th stage of the Vuelta a España 2016

The Frenchman was able to surprise us in 2016 at the Vuelta (the Vuelta a España somewhat), especially thanks to his incredible comeback that will allow him to win the 20th stage of this race. Pierre Latour had won the Alto de Aitana, a stage in the mountains where you have to pedal like a calf to reach the end of the course. At a distance from the Colombian Darwin Atapuma, he managed to win in the last meters and thus become the third Frenchman to win a stage of this Tour of Spain.

6. The Rise of the French Women’s Handball Team at the 2003 World Championships

Always hand, but this time feminine. We are in the final of the Women’s Handball World Championship and the French are playing against the Hungarians. The match was very exciting, but Hungary had the advantage, nevertheless France managed to take extra time in the last seconds. They will eventually win this match 32 goals against 29 and become world champions for the first time. We got close to tachycardia again, thanks French ladies it’s super fun, next time please try to win from scratch.

7. The Davis Cup returns to the French (when it wasn’t won) in 1996

Yannick Noah’s France was heavily beaten by Italy (2-0) in the round before the final and yet, a few days later, the French recaptured the advantage thanks to the double formed by Guy Forget and Guillaume Raoux. The next day, after over 9 hours of play (yes, it’s long), Pioline concedes to Enqvist in the final round.

It is therefore Boetsch on whom everything is played, no pressure for the man. And as I’ve said too many times, it’s in the big moments that we recognize great men. The Frenchman was behind and had already saved match points three times. But in the end Boetsch wins 10-8 in the last set and his team wins. It was totally unexpected, but he did it and the French won the Davis Cup that year.

8. France’s victory over New Zealand in the 1999 Rugby World Cup

The “Twickenham miracle”, as we like to call it, was truly a miracle. France already played against New Zealand, so it didn’t start very well, besides we were the last to arrive in the 5 Nations tournament, in short everything went bad.

And finally, the blues will manage to recover from a 33-point deficit and win this match against New Zealand, even if we lose in the final against Australia a few days later (but that can’t be said).

9. When France took their place against Ukraine in 2014 World Cup qualifier (shame)

The blues had lost 2-0 to Ukraine in the first leg of the World Cup play-offs in Brazil, which was a real humiliation we can say. And yet they managed to qualify in the return leg by winning their game 3-0 thanks to a double by Sakho and a goal by Benzema.

10. The 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay with Yannick Agnel’s Incredible Comeback

At the 2012 London Olympics, France became Olympic champions in the 4x100m relay for the first time in history. Even if you start with such a paragraph, it must be said that it is rather slam. The French were second throughout the race, but Yannick Agnel, the last runner, managed to get his opponent, American Ryan Lochte, back. Beautiful perf.