Top 13 Famous Bites In Sports When Players Have Long Teeth

Luis Suarez is breathing new life into a beautiful tradition in top sport in the World Cup: the defensive bite. When you’ve started a match badly, undergoing the domination of the opponent, nothing beats a good bite to a fleshy or prominent part of the opponent, a finger, an ear, a buttock… anything as long as it’s very painful and very mean . After a good bite, the opposing team will understand that they are not dealing with a fair (nor balanced) competitor and are less sure of their dominance. Small selection of these stadium pit bulls:

1. Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield

A legendary trick: Holyfield, a retiring boxer, is the ideal opponent for Tyson, fresh out of prison and eager to reign again in the heavyweight category. But Evander kicks him in the butt and the referee prefers to drop the charges in the 11th round to save Tyson the humiliation of a knockout. The revenge is scheduled for June 28, 1997. The match starts off badly again for Tyson, who panics and bites his opponent’s ear before spitting it out with his mouthguard. The rules of boxing do not require an injury of this type to justify the abandonment of the match, Tyson takes the opportunity to grab the other ear. Good job.

2. Michaël Marquet makes his lip bulge at the pillar of Pezenas

To all oval lovers who oppose the deception of the footballers against the outright brutality of the rugby players, it is good to remember this incident during a federal-level meeting between AS Muret and Pezenas. A regroup, the Pezenas player goes there with his teeth and tears from the lip of the unfortunate pillar of Muret. He gets off with a yellow card, but will have to answer to the police station after reporting the victim.

3. Luis Suarez hits Chiellini in the shoulder

We are talking about a repeat offender, who appeared at the 2014 World Cup with a beautiful passive and the nickname “Vampire”. From now on, the whole world has been warned: when standing at the Suarez mark, it is advisable to wear padded protections, as with the fighting dogs. The little extra: the simulation behind it while you hold your teeth.

4. Dylan Hartley had his forearm blown up in his youth.

Still in a rugby match, and the person in charge is Pedrie Wannenburg, the South African player, who is not necessarily known as the nicest man on earth. That explains many things.

5. Dylan Hartley nibbles on Irish third row Stephen Ferris

A VI Nations match against Ireland, a bite and 8 weeks suspension. A few months later, the same Hartley will stick a loaf of bread to an Ulster player in H-Cup, two-week suspension. A gradual response. It is well.

6. Enis Nadarevic misses his tackle and bites his opponent’s thigh

We sometimes talk about “complete” defenders who “don’t let go”, but we don’t specify that there is always the option to “bite” when losing the ball. Nice gesture performed by Enis Nadarevic on Laniano. Frustrated at having missed his duel, he told himself he would bite his opponent’s thigh. Why not.

7. Jarkko Ruutu Chews Andrew Peters’ Thumb (But Says He’s Not)

We know ice hockey is violent, it usually ends in a big fight, but eating your opponents from there is news. Although he denied his act, his friend Jarkko was fined $31,700 because hockey players’ thumb meat is particularly expensive.

8. Wayne “Tree” Rollins Grabs Danny Ainge’s Fingers

Dirty atmosphere during this 2014 game between the Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks. Wayne “Tree” Rollins makes a big headline for Danny Ainge, a little boy from Boston (who was a little heated). An explanation follows on the ground that ends with a very deceptive bite. The referee doubts Ainge as he thinks the small size is responsible for this dirty trick. The rest of the story is more classic: a few stitches, an injection against tetanus and we become friends again.

9. Johan le Roux eats Sean Fitzpatrick’s ear

The matches between South Africa and New Zealand are often engaged, but a minimum of correction is required. It was at a meeting in 1994, and this act of cannibalism will be worth the author’s 19-month suspension. Luis Suarez, be glad you’re not being judged by a rugby court.

10. In 2013, Anthony Watts chewed an opponent’s penis.

Know it, kids: if you bite an opponent’s penis in rugby, it means 8 suspensions. We don’t laugh at that in Queensland, Australia. Anthony Watts paid the price for this severity after attacking his opponent’s crotch “mouth” (?) during a regroup. The victim then lowered his shorts in front of the referee so he could measure the extent of the damage.

11. Francisco Gallardo bites José Antonio Reyes’ penis

Another bite in the crotch, but this time on a teammate. You know what it is: we score a goal, we are happy, we roll on the ground and in the euphoria we bite the family jewels. Who hasn’t done that during a match between friends? No?… nobody?… ok, I didn’t say anything.

12. Jermaine Defoe takes on Javier Mascherano in 2006

In 2006 in a game between Spurs and West Ham, Argentinian Defoe got a little carried away and bit his opponent Javier Mascherano. And yes, it was before Suarez, as if he wasn’t alone.

13. Francisco Gallardo Bitten His Own Teammate (Weird Anyway)

Even more bizarre, Francisco Gallardo had bitten his teammate in Seville, Jose Antonio Reyes. He had just scored a goal and to ‘congratulate’ him thought a biting defeat would be nice. We weren’t really trying to understand, but Gallardo was clearly considered a strange dude (but we like him anyway).