‘Twelve ballistic missiles’ fired from outside Iraq targeting Erbil

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Twelve ballistic missiles targeting Erbil and the US consulate in the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. This was assured by the Kurdish security forces in a press release, which assured that these missiles were fired” beyond the borders of Iraq, especially from the east

Iranian officials have not yet made any statements. But according to several specialized websites, twelve tactical missiles Fateh 110 were fired from northwestern Iran, says our correspondent in IranSiavosh Ghazi† These missiles were aimed at two secret Israeli Mossad spy centers. One of these centers was not far from the American Consulate. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that ” no damage or casualties in a US government facility


Still according to these sites, as well as state television, it is a retaliation after the deaths of two Revolutionary Guard colonels, who were killed in an Israeli attack near Damascus on Monday. The head of the Revolutionary Guards, who attended the funerals of these two colonels, said Iran would retaliate. Apparently, these two colonels specialized in manufacturing high-precision missiles.

In any case, Iran appears to want to respond to Israeli attacks on its sites in Syria, which could spark a spiral between the two countries. Israel has repeatedly attacked Iranian targets in Syria or attacked Iranian nuclear sites or officials. This is also because nuclear negotiations are now stalling and could make it more difficult to resume negotiations and reach an agreement on Iran’s nuclear dossier.

The local TV channel Kurdistan24, whose studios are not far from the new US consulate building, published images on its social networks of its damaged offices, with collapsed parts of the false ceiling and broken glass. † We condemn this terrorist attack against various sectors of Erbil, we call on the inhabitants to remain calm “, said in a press release that the Prime Minister of KurdistanMasrour Barzanic

The repercussions of regional tensions

In January 2020, Iran fired missiles into Iraq at bases housing US soldiers, in retaliation for Washington’s assassination of the US president. Iranian General Qassem Soleimani carried out on Iraqi territory a few days earlier. In half an hour, 22 Iranian surface-to-surface missiles had fallen on the bases of Aïn al-Assad (west) and Erbil (north).

Regional tensions and geopolitical uncertainties regularly affect Iraqi news. At the start of the year, the country faced an increase in rocket attacks and armed drone strikes. Tehran and several allied groups in the region commemorated the second anniversary of the deaths of General Soleimani and his Iraqi lieutenant Abu Mehdi al-Mouhandis, killed by US drone fire.

The end of January, six missiles were fired at Baghdad International Airport, with no casualties. In Erbil, the last such attack dates back to September, when ” armed drones aimed at the airport.

Nuclear talks with Iran suspended

Sunday’s attack also comes at a time when negotiations over Iran’s nuclear, poised to conclude, have been abruptly suspendedin response to new demands from Moscow.

This pact, signed by Iran on the one hand and the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany on the other, was to prevent Tehran from acquiring the atomic bomb in exchange for the lifting of sanctions that are stifling. . its economy. But it collapsed in 2018 after Washington pulled out, decided by Donald Trump, who reinstated his measures against Iran. In response, Iran gradually freed itself from the restrictions placed on its nuclear program. Negotiations resumed after Joe Biden was elected to the White House.

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