Twenty sports exhibited in the same place, on the same day, in Cosne-sur-Loire

A football match, a boxing match, a shooting match or even an athletics match. At the same time. At the same location. On the same day. This is possible thanks to the Sports Festival organized on Saturday 18 June, from 10 am to 5 pm, in the Raphaël-Giraux stadium by the officials of the Cosnoise Sports Union, the UCS.

Win three free licenses

“Twenty of the thirty sections that make up the UCS will be present,” said President Gilles Béchereau. “Those who are absent are for sporting reasons. Their season resumes. The departments of football, basketball, rollerblading, table tennis, badminton, judo, boxing, athletics, stick twirling, tennis, archery, rugby, shooting, kickboxing, gymnastics and bowling will be present. Sixteen disciplines that will be the subject of demonstrations throughout the day. The canoe must be delivered with bales of straw and a tarp to discover his practice.

However, diving, cycling and triathlon that cannot offer demonstrations will have a booth (all sections will have one). Thus, football stadiums, rugby, running tracks to the shooting range will be invested by practitioners hoping to attract new licensees.

Gilles Béchereau, President of the UCS

Gilles Béchereau wants “people to come and talk to the heads of departments and help them take the plunge. Because I think there are some who don’t dare to push the doors, don’t know us. People can even try out some sports. Currently, 1,700 people are licensed in one of the UCS clubs. The Cosnois, but more generally the inhabitants of the residential area, are expected during this day, the entrance is completely free and allows you to win a license for a year.

premium With thirty sections within the UCS, Cosne-sur-Loire lives up to its reputation as a sports city

Because at the entrance, visitors receive a card with a map and the list of the different sports departments represented. A document that the clubs stamp after each exchange with spectators. “Once 50% of the clubs have stamped, ie ten clubs, the ticket is put in the ballot box and there is a lottery draw for this free raffle, where you can win three sports licenses. This includes the price of the license and the club membership fee,” explains the president of UCS judo.

If there are many people, we remember to repeat the operation every year in the same year

A new formula for the Sports Festival, which existed a few years ago and included a parade, sections, in uniform, in the city. Gilles Béchereau hopes that this new meeting will be successfully crowned with visitors to the meeting, despite the announced heat wave. “If there are many people, we think of repeating the operation every year in the same year. †

This day, supported by the municipality and the provincial council, also aims to “create cohesion between all clubs”, the president of the UCS underlines “that everyone knows each other. We want to show that UCS is useful. We are here to help where needed. And when proof was needed that Cosne was proud of his athletes, shopkeepers decorated their windows in the colors of this event.

Excercise. Sports festival, Saturday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Raphaël-Giraux stadium. Free entrance. Bar and restaurant on site.

Mathilde Thomas