two Olympic days to encourage young and old to play sports

The second Olympic days will take place in Strasbourg on 24 and 25 June 2022. For two days, various clubs in the region offer free access to about thirty sports, Olympic or not. Almost two years after the Games, the “Paris 2024” generation should be sporty, starting with the children.

For two days, the Quai des Bateliers, the Place du Château and the Terrasse des Rohan resemble Olympic venues. More than thirty sports disciplines are offered for free, for all ages. In the early hours of the Olympic days, children were in the spotlight.

There is something for every taste. Basketball, martial arts, fencing, pole vault and even Quidditch. It’s hard not to find what you’re looking for in this second edition: “This year, athletics is on the rise, such as rugby or baseball. The disabled space has also been increased. But above all, it takes more than two days, unlike last year.”explains Claude Schneider, president of the Strasbourg Sports Office, which organizes the event together with the city.

This long duration makes it possible to organize two hours dedicated to children this Friday afternoon: “We have brought eight classes from Strasbourg that rotate to do activities. We are taking advantage of the event to allow them to discover all these sports.”

Because behind these matchdays, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are not far away: “It’s our locomotive!”Claude Schneider laughs. Strasbourg has also been awarded the “Terres de Jeux” label, as have many other cities and communities in France. The message is simple: sport!

“To be an athlete you have to learn, explains Owusu Tufuor, sports assistant at the city of Strasbourg. It is very normal to spend time with these children, to show them that in order to grow up, you have to know the different disciplines and make a choice. Not necessarily to be professional, but sports are necessary, people don’t do enough.”

Because it is a social problem: “We have an audience to win back in the exercise process. And it starts with the children. If you want to register your child in a club, the choice has to be made now. September is too late.”

Sports, but not just like that!

Claude Schneider

President of the Strasbourg Sports Office

So sports, “but not!”explains Claude Schneider: “Everyone knows how to kick a ball, but not everyone knows how to play football. You have to join a club, where there are skills.”

“People are made to move. When we say to ourselves ‘I’m getting back into physical shape’, you have to do it right. Starting your run every weekend is great. But if you walk badly, it is a disaster, you are immediately broken. It is mainly knee, ankle or back complaints.”warns Claude Schneider.

The chairman of the Sports Bureau wants to send another message: “Don’t exercise alone, but work in a group. I’m also not asking that everyone has a coach, but that we refine the sporting gesture, as it is a regulated gesture, so that ‘we have fun and let’s have fun.’

In 2021, the event attracted nearly 6,000 visitors in one day. For this edition, the organizers hope to double the turnout. Friday ends with an evening at 10 p.m. Saturday starts at 11 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. Admission is completely free.