Two years of incarceration: a look back at these seven absurd things that went through this period

This Thursday 17 March marks the second anniversary of the first incarceration in 2020. During this unprecedented period in France, our behavior has often fallen into the unusual or the absurd. A look back at seven examples that will make you smile…

1 – Masks: the big things

The mask, barrier gesture No. 1 to fight against the coronavirus, has established itself since the summer of 2020 as an essential everyday accessory. Disposable or washable, surgical or cloth, made in France or made in China, the French are literally being thrown at the head to arm themselves against the epidemic.

Once the problems of shortage and supply were solved, many had fun making their own model with a lot of imagination. From bras to water bottles, masks come in all shapes and sizes. Some showed unlimited creativity.

Others have hijacked the Decathlon “Easy Breathing” Diving Mask to protect themselves from any contamination. In fact, they have been used in Italy to reduce the shortage of ventilators in hospitals. Back in pictures about these wearing masks, one more unusual than the other.

#ContainmentControl : It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, the most important thing is that you have a valid reason to travel and that you get a different certificate… everything else is optional… ud83dude42 ud83dude94

— National Police 53 (@PoliceNat_53) March 19, 2020

2 – Bleached varieties

The uncertainty about the mode of contamination of the coronavirus in the early days sent the French into complete paranoia.

While some undressed on the curb to wash everything in the washing machine, others left their groceries outside for a few hours, cleaned the packaging and washed the fruits and vegetables with bleach.

However, ANSES clearly explained in March 2020 that these precautions were unnecessary. “No scientific data suggests that the virus can infect us through the digestive tract.”

3 – Course and video meeting: cuddly toys, kittens, nude…

Video has become widespread thanks to incarceration. Whether telecommuting employees or remote students, a large part of the population has become experts in webcams.

Here too, the students showed great imagination to make their teachers and classmates laugh. Filters, photos of cats or stuffed animals have often replaced the students’ thrombin. Others created choreographies by passing a pen from screen to screen.

Other unusual images have flourished on the web, particularly of journalists. Everyone remembers political analyst Robert Kelly who was interrupted live on the BBC by his little girl and then her baby walking before his wife’s remarkable intervention.

Some meetings have taken a very funny turn. The examples are many. This series in which a lawyer, Rod Ponton, does not deactivate the Chat filter on Zoom has been circulating the internet: “I’m not a cat”. The replica has become a cult.

This employee turning on her computer, microphone and camera, going to the toilet, certainly remembers this video period… Her first name then went viral: “Poor Jennifer!”

4 – The rush with toilet paper

During the first incarceration, entire shelves of toilet paper were robbed.

Scenes seen in France, as well as in the United Kingdom or the United States, Le Monde said as of March 23, 2020. The incarceration forced residents to stock up on basic necessities, including toilet paper.

A hashtag was born #ToiletPaperApocalypse and memes abound on the internet. Other products, such as pasta, did not escape this reflex linked to the fear of running out…

5 – Zoom aperitifs

Coronapero, Apéro Zoom, Skypéro: the French have not deviated from the very French tradition of aperitifs with friends or family.

Many started toasting through intermediate screens during the first incarceration. Some had made it a habit to meet up via the specialized HappyHouse app. A way to meet up with friends and break the isolation associated with incarceration.

Other ephemeral habits have sprung up in the era of incarceration: WhatsApp lunch with coworkers, shared Netflix sessions, etc.

6 – Certificates

With masks and hydroalcoholic gel, the holy trinity of incarceration could not be complete without this precious sesame: the travel certificate.

And preferably on paper. It quickly became a new ID in its own right that, if not filled out properly, could lead to a fine. This simple piece of paper can only be used once a day and not for an hour… unless you fill several.

Which, admittedly, made him lose his meaning a bit. Around it so many questions and doubts about its use.

Can we reproduce it in writing, use it several times by changing the date, accompanying an identity document or even proof of address, how to calculate the “radius” of allowed travel…

In general, if the certificate was quickly adopted by the French and made it possible to restrict certain movements, it will remain an example of a certain infantilization of society.

Illustration of this rule that has become absurd: A man from Rennes took to the streets, covered with 150 certificates from head to toe.

7 – Dynamic Range…or Parked

On May 16, 2020, the French were allowed to return to the beach… on one condition.

It is forbidden to unfold your towel and sunbathe in peace. You had to walk, run or surf or some other sliding sport.

The concept, borrowed from Australia, has now been applied to all beaches on the French coast. The seaside resort of La Grande-Motte started an incredible device: reserving a slot to take advantage of a private location. 9 m² for two persons, 16 m² for four persons, 24 m² for six persons.

The space could accommodate 250 people under very strict regulations…