Ukraine at the center of the presidential campaign

Ukraine remained at the center of the presidential campaign on Saturday, March 5, with anti-war demonstrations led by Russia, which included environmental candidate Yannick Jadot and socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo.

Like the other declared candidates at the Elysée, both criticized now-candidate Emmanuel Macron. Yannick Jadot was the sharpest at exposing a “unacceptable complicity” of the French giant TotalEnergies with Moscow and denounce the fact that the company “remains the last oil and gas multinational active in Russia” after the invasion of Ukraine.

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“If I were in Emmanuel Macron’s place, I would impose on Total the end of his complicity with Vladimir Putin and what is happening in Ukraine. I would force Total to leave Russia”, he told CNews. TotalEnergies, which generates 3 to 5% of its total sales in Russia, said it only “more capital for new projects” in the country, without, however, mentioning a withdrawal or suspension of activities, such as its competitor BP.

“There are pandemic profiteers, there are war profiteers”

During a meeting in Le Havre, the communist candidate Fabien Roussel attacked “These French multinationals, listed on the CAC 40, Total, BNP, LVMH and many others, who were able to enrich themselves in 2022 during this war as they did during the pandemic”“There’s no way we can accept that our accounts will rise today at the same time as their profits and their dividends. There are pandemic profiteers, there are war profiteers”he launched.

Anne Hidalgo, on the European and executive line on this dossier, is calling for economic aid to Kiev and sanctions against Moscow. Must also “a mobilization of the international community and public opinion” and “deliver weapons, especially to Ukraine, so that the Ukrainians can fight”she recalled on BFM-TV.

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“I am against President Macron”For its part, Republican candidate Valérie Pécresse, said at a public meeting in Metz on Saturday evening, “But today I support the very severe sanctions that France and Europe have taken against Mr Putin, against the oligarchs, against Russian interests”

For his part, the general delegate of La République en Marche, Stanislas Guérini, called on LCI to participate in the demonstration in Paris to “show our total solidarity with the Ukrainian people”adding that France would continue to welcome refugees and “deliver weapons” to Ukraine.

Marine Le Pen criticizes ‘Emmanuel Macron’s temptation to escape’ from campaign

Questioned during a trip to Grau-du-Roi (Gard), Marine Le Pen, for her part, reiterated her opposition to the supply of weapons because “it adds weapons to the war”“It is on diplomacy that we have to bet everything” and “think of sanctions but which I say should not lead to the economic collapse of our own country”she said without further details.

On a more political level, the National Rally’s candidate judged “shocking” the “mix of genres between the president of the republic and the candidate” after the broadcast on Friday of a campaign video by Emmanuel Macron, shot in his office at the Elysée.

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Later, at a meeting in Aigues-Mortes, Marine Le Pen felt that all was well… “made to appease public opinion”† The situation in Ukraine, As serious as it is, what makes the President of the Republic a major diplomatic player in no way justifies Emmanuel Macron’s temptation to escape the demands of an election campaign and the demands of democracy: that of reporting of his balance, accepting that of the debate of ideas”she cried.

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