Ukraine: Marina Ovsiannikova explains her gesture on TV because she was exhausted

WAR IN UKRANE – Journalist Marina Ovsiannikova, who has become a symbol of the Russian resistance to Vladimir Putin, spoke on France 24 this Thursday, March 17. The mother who stormed into Russia’s main JT explains that opponents of the war in Ukraine do not to be “scum”. contrary to what the authorities say.

Sentenced to a fine of 30,000 rubles, about 250 euros, Marina Ovsiannikova believes it is just an “administrative punishment” for the video explaining her gesture, which was broadcast on social networks. “It was qualified as a call to the streets,” the journalist explains.

The war in Ukraine, “the point of no return”

“This story does not end with this fine, because I have not yet been punished for this outburst on the television news,” she warns in the interview with France 24, confiding her fear of a criminal trial. jail time, under a recent law curbing any “false information” about the Russian military.

Marina Ovsiannikova explains her gesture, which has spread all over the planet, because of a “years of dissatisfaction because of the propaganda”, the “self-declaration” in 2014 of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics or again the poisoning and arrest of Alexei Navalny. For the journalist, “the last straw, the point of no return” was the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During the interview, she also responds to Vladimir Putin who qualifies the Russian opponents of the war in Ukraine as “scum” and “traitors”. “I don’t think I’m one of the scum,” she says. Russians who hold their beliefs as citizens and do not remain silent are not scum.” According to the journalist, “Russian society is divided” over the war in Ukraine.

“I am a patriot, I want to stay and live in my country”

Returning to her personal situation, Marina Ovsiannikova confides that her two children are “very afraid”. “My son thinks I broke the life of our family because of this gesture, but I explain to him that in life you have to make complicated decisions, especially to end this fratricidal war,” she adds. “When my son is a little older, I think he will understand this gesture I made,” hopes the journalist, whose father is Ukrainian and mother Russian.

After rejecting Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to offer him protection, Marina Ovsiannikova thanked the French president. “He offered me to move to France […], to grant me political asylum,” she explains. “I am a patriot, I want to stay and live in my country with my family,” argue the forties.

The anti-war muse also announced that she would be leaving Pervy Kanal on her own initiative. “Today I went to Ostankino [siège de la chaîne]I have sent all documents for my resignation on my decision,” she assured.

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