video games. Stop saying “esports”, “cloud gaming”, “streamer” or “retrogaming”

The May 29 Official Gazette is formal: forget the terms “early access”, “retrogaming”, “esports” and so many others. The Ministry of Culture has decided to give video game vocabulary a “touch of Polish”, especially for official communication. Yes, the video game is known to use a lot of Anglicisms, terms that have governed innovation after innovation.

Are you a “casual gamer” or a “hyper gamer”?

“In order to enable as many people as possible to better understand this universe and to ensure understanding between specialists, occasional players and hyper-players, the experts of the French language enrichment system have defined new terms, published in the Official Journal of May 29, 2022 » explains the France Terme page of the Ministry of Culture.

This list of technical terms should make it possible to name the different types of video games and their practices. Thus “skill games” become “skill video games”, “retrogaming” becomes “retrogaming”.

“Game as a service” becomes “video game on demand” and “cloud gaming” becomes “video game in the cloud”. Poetic. However, the two concepts should not be confusedassures us the site. The first is a form of marketing while the second is a technical process that uses cloud computing and therefore does not require any download.

Professional gamers live in competitive video games

The video game is a hobby for many and a source of income for some, the ministry explains. “Streamers” will therefore now be called “live gamers” and “pro gamers”, those who make their living from gaming, will be “professional gamers” (why not in the end): “The latter are generally devoted to ‘competitive video games’ (e-sports), a term we prefer to the ambiguous expression of ‘electronic sports'”

For amateurs, money is never far away, whether through “virtual item exchanges” (“skin betting”, “skin betting”), “pay to win” (“pay to win”), or, indirectly, through “in- game advertising”.

Goodbye to “free-to-play”, “early access” and “season pass”?

Finally, let’s mention three terms that qualify the methods of accessing the game:

• “Free-to-play” becomes “free access to video games”, “meaning that this game may include paid features and is therefore based on a free payment model”

• “Early Access” becomes “Advanced Access”. The term (already widely used in Quebec but also in France), “means an offer that allows players to use a pre-release version of a video game, and the creator of the latter to evolve it thanks to users’ observations”

• The “season pass” becomes the “season pass”, and evokes the operation in seasons, based on the model of television series, the seasons here are phases that follow each other according to the updates. This pass is valid for games and for their additional downloadable content, an expression that can be abbreviated as CTA replacing the English acronym DLC, well known to players who want to enrich their user experience.

You can add other technical terms like “matchmaking”, which becomes “matching players”, “skeleton formation” (“rigging”), followed by “hands” (“hand-tracking”)!

Basically, I’m not sure if these terms are really used by players or members of the video game industry in the long run. But we should at least find them in the official documents of the various French authorities.

video games. Stop saying “esports”, “cloud gaming”, “streamer” or “retrogaming”