VIDEO. Sports in Nantes: what is the Double Dutch? Meet the world champions

This sport consists of jumping rope in threes, with two people on each side and one in the middle. There are two events, one of pure speed and one of freestyle in rhythm with tricks. (©Safia Seddiki)

Inside the gymnasium Jean Zay in the district Bellevue to NantesIn the main hall, young people between the ages of 11 and 15 run back and forth. Mainly girls, the latter are warming up to their Double Dutchthis Thursday, April 7 in the evening.

not recognized, this skipping rope sport is practiced trio with two long cotton cords† Two people twist the ropes on each side while the third jumps in the middle one foot after the other† The jumper can practice taking as many steps as possible, this is the test of speedor it can do free stylewhich means choreographies and figures in rhythm jumping rope.

Back from competition

That evening the young girls especially train skipping rope. Sometimes they take the foot in then they start again under the guidance of their two trainers from Nantes, Safia Seddiki and Leina Tahar.

Leina Tahar (16) and Safia Seddiki (24) are respectively world champion and vice world champion in their Dutch doubles category.
Leina Tahar (16) and Safia Seddiki (24) come from Nantes and are respectively world champion in 2015 and vice world champion in 2019 in their double Dutch category. (©Farah Sadallah / Nantes News)

These, respectively vice world champion and world champion, plan to resume the competition this year after a two-year hiatus due to the health crisis. ” One has the French Championship on May 28, 2022 and normally the European Championship in Slovakia in July. But we’ve never done this championship,” says Safia Seddiki, 24, too double champion of France in 2014 and 2019

“I even made it my job”

The young woman has been practicing this sport for a long time. At the age of 11she quit soccer to start Double Dutch.

Sports came close and a friend of my mother told me about it. I was completely addicted and even made it my job.

Safia SeddikicVice world champion Double Dutch in freestyle

“There is a connection outside of sports”

Safia is indeed coach at the C’West club in Bellevue. She is also responsible for development for the Double Dutch in Pays de la Loire.

The young girls of the C'West club train this Thursday 7 April in the Jean Zay hall in Bellevue.
The young girls of the C’West club train this Thursday 7 April in the Jean Zay hall in Bellevue. (©Farah Sadallah / Nantes News)

“It was the team spirit that convinced me to play this sport. There are three of us and if one of us is not there, we cannot jump. † I also like the challenge and the spirit of competition it motivates me a lot. And then we bonded with people. It’s like a family. There is a connection that goes beyond sports,” explains Safia Seddiki.

“They had fun with boat ropes”

But this sport is still little known in Nantes and in the rest of France. From The Netherlandsit was first exported to New York in the United States thanks to Dutch migrants.

There are two types of rope for the double Dutch.  One thick cotton is reserved for the speed test and the other thinner beaded one is reserved for the freestyle test.
There are two types of rope for the Double Dutch. One thick cotton is reserved for the speed test and the other thinner beaded one is reserved for the freestyle test. (©Farah Sadallah / Nantes News)

“They had fun with boat ropes. It started like this. It was mainly a sport of speed and endurance and after that, the sport developed everywhere,” said Leina Tahar, 16, 2015 World Champion in all events and Vice World Speed ​​Champion in 2019.

She fell in it when she was little

The latter clearly says that he was born in Double Dutch. Since her parents are the founders of the C’West club, she discovered this discipline at a very young age.

I’ve done a lot of sports, but I liked this one because of the togetherness. It brings everyone together. I like the team cohesion and the atmosphere of the club.

Leina TaharWorld Champion in 2015

350 steps in two minutes

The two young women therefore train every day in addition to the training they give. One of their goals this year is to return to the league.

“In the past, the speed test required you to take as many steps as possible in 2 minutes, but in 2022 we will go to one minute,” says Safia. This year the event will therefore be more intense. “We will try to exceeding 200 steps, that would be ideal,” she hopes. Knowing that they had taken an average of 350 steps in two minutes in competition.

His first single rope event

But another challenge awaits Safia, the vice world champion. This year, unlike the Double Dutch, she wants to do her first test in single rope, or a rope solo.

It was the Covid that made this possible for me. I had a bit of trouble before, because I’m a very “team player”. But during the first confinement, I was all alone in my yard with my rope. So I got in.

Safia Seddikic

They compete for the French Championship and should be fifteen of the thirty licensees within the C’West club.

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