War in Ukraine: Did Alexis Corbiere Reveal Live Secret Defense Information?

Asked this Wednesday about the French weapons sent to Ukraine, Seine-Saint-Denis deputy La France Insoumise Alexis Corbière apparently said a little too much on the set of FranceInfo. “There are very few of them. You are talking about French weapons, frankly they are bulletproof vests and a few anti-tank missiles…” he said. However, these details are expected to remain confidential, as the French army refuses to communicate about it.

Apparently uneasy with journalists pointing out that this information was classified as a defense secret, Alexis Corbière tried to catch up. “I’m on the Defense and Army Committee. (…) I don’t know, but it could look like this, he repeated. Anyway, it’s up to the French government to tell you things. †

Has he revealed elements that should not have come from the National Assembly? Whether parliamentarians are subject to a duty of secrecy imposing on the general public information covered by military defense secrets is impossible to say in the state where Alexis Corbière obtained these elements, which have been published in the press in recent hours.

The MP also made it his line of defense after the show. “According to journalists, I would have violated the defense secret. Not true, he responded on Twitter. Moreover, no parliamentarian is competent very secret† I have no access to confidential information. The Élysée, the High Command have spoken. Read the press, like me! “As a link, an article from Europe 1 evoking the nature of the weapons France allegedly supplied to Ukraine.

Attacked by Fabien Roussel, the communist presidential candidate, who accused him of “passing classified information about defense”, Alexis Corbière then reiterated that he had only passed on information that had been read in the media. “What I said this morning was already banal in the press. I have no information very secretand you should know…”

Yet France is careful to keep secret all information about its arms supplies to Ukraine. At the most, Paris had stated at the end of February that it would participate in “the additional supply of defensive equipment to the Ukrainian authorities, as well as fuel support”. For its part, the European Union had said it would send €450 million to Ukraine so that it would have “lethal weapons, as well as fuel, protective equipment and medical supplies”.

Asked about the subject this Wednesday morning, government spokesman Gabriel Attal took a stern approach to Alexis Corbiere. “If we have made this choice out of a responsibility not to communicate about the equipment in public affairs, it is for good reason,” he said at a press conference. “Communicating on this list is communicating about the weapons Ukraine needs from Russia. That a deputy allows himself to communicate, I say, is not responsible. Moreover, approximations are over,” he also emphasized.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov also made a similar appeal this morning. “I ask you not to share information about arms transfers from other countries to ours,” he wrote on Twitter.