We have classified (objectively) sports balls (and projectiles)

When the idea came to us to rank (objectively) the most iconic footballs, the discussion quickly turned to the best sports balls and projectiles. Rather football or rugby ball, table tennis or golf ball, badminton shuttlecock or Frisbee: the debates were intense, and decisions had to be made. You now know how this ranking came about. We let you discover what the ultimate ball/projectile is.

Yes, the list is not exhaustive and lacks the twirling stick, spear or ball from your racket game on the beach, but there is no need to be outraged. There is politics for that. Let’s not forget that we are on the internet.

18. Staff of the mölkky

Not pretty, not practical, weird trajectories, and you have to bend all the time to pick it up. You will understand, we don’t like it at all.

17. Basque Pelotabal

You must be born in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department to appreciate this ball. The rest of France has nothing to do.

16. Foosball ball

Apart from foosball, no interest. Next one.

15. Table Tennis Ball

We break our backs to get it all the time, it’s breakable, and what’s more, it breaks all the time. Back.

14. Hockey puck

It is nice if you have an ice rink at home, but nobody has an ice rink at home.

13. Golf ball

We love it when we put on our Lacoste polo shirt and our Celio pants (we put our entire clothing budget into the polo shirt). Otherwise, that is, in civilian clothes, we forget even its existence.

12. Handball

Let it be said: yes, size doesn’t matter. But as far as handball is concerned, the smallness of the ball makes it lose a lot of places.

11. Badminton shuttle

An aerodynamic marvel that could have made it into the top 10 had it not been so fragile. Damned feathers.

10. Frisbee

You don’t need to practice Ultimate to enjoy throwing a Frisbee. An object of crazy simplicity, but quite frustrating with its trajectories that are not always to your liking. We know it’s because of a lack of control, but still.

9. Petanque Ball

Everyone should have boules at home. Everyone should learn to make a diamond as it is one of the most beautiful sounds out there.

8. Darts

An object, once in the hand, that gives us the impression of having the precision of Robin Hood, and that is beautiful. While in reality you need a British or Irish passport to control these projectiles – unless your name is Thibault Tricol.

7. Rugby ball

Nice shapes and nice rotations, but you don’t bounce like that.

6. Baseball

A beautiful object with an incredible quality of leather. With the beautiful days coming back (for good we hope), we want to put on a glove and hit some balls in a park or in our garden (for the privileged in life).

5. Tennis ball

In miniature format, this is best. An incredible texture, an enchanting bounce, a sound recognizable among thousands, the tennis ball is simply iconic. And besides, it helps to play soccer if the other balls are banned from the playground.

4. Basketball

Despite his large size, you can’t help but bounce him around and get as many baskets as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone is Michael Jordan, but we still have a good time with the orange ball in our hands.

3. American Football Ball

To understand this 3rd place, you need two things: holding an American football in your hands and seeing the beauty of the ball on a pitch.

2. Football

If football is the sport of kings, his ball has a lot to do with it. Universal, not too big and not too small, beautiful, it is a success in every way. All that remains is to master it like Luka Modrić or Kevin De Bruyne.

1. Volleyball Ball

He is the king of the balloons. Imagine all the qualities of a football to which you add lightness (but not too much), and you have the best ball to play with. Hand or foot, the volleyball is your friend. Treat it as such.