We saw “The Pogmentary”: ten sentences to remember from Paul Pogba .’s documentary

“The Pogmentari”. A title like the character of Paul Pogba, who promises to reveal himself in a documentary series, available on Prime Video from next Friday, June 17, 2022. A series that we could watch before its release and whose strong point is the quality of its realization. In terms of aesthetics and rhythm, the contract is fulfilled. The great moments of the international midfielder’s career – including his countless spectacular goals – add to the picture.

Each of the five episodes (25 to 30 minutes) begins with a “cartoon” sequence, and the virtual Pogba intervenes at other points in the story to illustrate his life. The editing is modern, in the sense of integrating images via tweets, for example. Everything is pleasant to watch, with beautiful drone shots, actions from the stands, cleverly distributed archives.

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Negative point: The chronological thread is whether or not he will leave Manchester United, between May 2021 and the end of the same year. So it misses one last point in the soap. Moreover, the absence of recent elements gives the impression of a temporary ellipse. This discrepancy is compounded by the death of Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, on April 30. Only the mention “in tribute to Mino” shows that his death is not hidden.

But not everything revolves around the transfer window. The topics covered are many. Paul Pogba’s precarious childhood, his “American” philosophy, his vision of marketing, his family’s place in his everyday life, be it the life he grew up in or the life he founded. We see him calling Mino Raiola, his future and millions of dollars at stake, such as arguing with his wife over their two children’s diapers.

It seems possible to learn lessons from “The Pogmentary”, provided you take a necessary step back on certain scenes. The “stolen moments” are not real, the documentary is not journalism. The dive into the life of Paul Pogba is only relative, it is dictated by the image he wants to reflect, but it is still interesting. Here are ten sentences that we have kept.

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Pogba on France-Switzerland:

We really thought, there, the match was folded

A fantastic goal. Guilty bullet loss. A powerful shot on target. A very disappointing result. France-Switzerland, it was a whirlwind of emotions for the Blues, ejected from the round of 16 of the last European Championship, and especially for Paul Pogba. He tells his masterpiece, before the 3-1: “It was a very nice goal. The ball goes into the top corner… it’s full of adrenaline, right awayI looked to the right, I was looking for my brothers (in public).”

Above all, Pogba admits that this goal led to easing: “We really thought, there, the match was folded” The result is a narrowing of the gap, then an equalizer (3-3) from a ball lost by “La Pioche”. “I hadn’t read the game. I was in a rush… and this loss of the ball… I was very upset“, ruminates the star of the tricolor midfield, who still struggles to realize: “No one could have imagined this scenario

In this series, Pogba also talks about the extension: “We have plenty of chances, we can win this matchThen the fatal penalties for the French, where he insists on taking responsibility. He claims to have wanted to shoot first, to set an example:”I had a lot of confidence in it, I said to myself: ‘either the ball goes in… or the ball goes in with the keeper’The ball went in, but the Blues went home.

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Griezmann on Benzema’s return to the French national team:

I called Hugo [Lloris]he said to me: “No, I didn’t know that”

Another moment pegged to the euro. Paul Pogba is having dinner with his family when he receives a video call from Antoine Griezmann. Their conversation dates from May 18, 2021, the day of the announcement of the 26 French players selected by Didier Deschamps. The two Blues executives discuss the return of Karim Benzema, who leaked to the press a few hours earlier.

Pogba asks Griezmann if Deschamps consulted Hugo Lloris before making the choice to recall Benzema, who has been banned from the French team since 2015, mainly for non-sporting reasons. The response from “Grizou”: “I called Hugo [Lloris]he said to me: ‘No, I didn’t know that’, then I called you and you didn’t know† The rest of their dialogue reflects their complicity, without going into this point.

Chronology: Benzema and the Blues, an endless parenthesis in 20 dates

Raiola on the two faces of Pogba:

We should try to make you feel like you’re with the Blues

In this documentary, the relationship between Mino Raiola and Paul Pogba is presented as strong. When Pogba makes up a likeness between “(s)we cop, the terror of the clubs“, and Elvis, it is in the tone of chambering. But when it comes to entrusting him with the reins of his future, he does not hesitate. And Raiola claims his talent in this area: “I say to Paul: ‘I can’t play football… if I play football and you take care of things, we’re screwed’

But they can talk about football, both of them. During a remote conversation, in the summer of 2021, Raiola puts his finger on Pogba’s two faces: “We should try to make you feel like you’re with the Blues because with the Blues you’re a different type of playerthe real Pogba. while in red (to Manchester United, editor’s note), there is something blocking you

Pogba on negotiations with Manchester United:

They are bluffs!

It’s a Paul Pogba who previously decided to leave the Red Devils, which is taking shape as the episodes go on. In the fourth episode, he questions Raiola, still from Florida during last summer’s transfer window: “Have they made a second offer, Manchester United? (sic)?” Answer: “They want you to stay, but the offer doesn’t represent that. If they want you to stay, they won’t make that offer…

They are bluffs! You say you absolutely want a player, but you offer nothing. I’ve never seen that“, Plague Pogba. In the fifth episode, he even declares: “The club won’t let me goIf you have one more year of contract, that means you are free. If I decide to stay, we can always find a solution. If I decide to leave, no one can say no to me. no one can stop me

Pogba at Juve, a homecoming to revive his career?

Raiola at Pogba’s destination:

I would love to see him in Paris Saint-Germain

Go away, but where to? †I would love to see him in Paris Saint-Germain. I think at PSG it would be the return of the king (in France)”, Raiola hisses. Without indicating whether the Paris club was indeed in the running to engage the French midfielder. He had four possible destinations at the start of the 2021-2022 season, according to his late agent. … don’t say which one.

Pogba in a row with Mourinho:

Are you serious (…) who are you holding me for?

If Paul Pogba had to name a coach for whom it didn’t work, it would be Mourinho: “He sent a photo of my wife and me, taken by a paparazzi, to Mino (Raiola). I didn’t like it at allThe rest? The technician accuses him of being on vacation while Pogba is in Miami for his rehabilitation. Hence the conflict: “I said to him, ‘You mean it, I’m injured, I train three times a day, who are you hiring me for? I’m not the other players

Another moment of disagreement, with Sir Alex Ferguson coaching his first departure from Manchester United, heading to Juventus in 2012.”I left but the love was still there“, says Pogba.”It wasn’t the money that led to the breakup, it was the lack of respect, attention, trust‘ Raiola says.

Pogba on his “American” philosophy:

There is no ‘humble’ at all… you have value, use it, use your image

Pogba spends a lot of time in the United States. His interest in this country is highlighted in this series of videos. He explains his appeal to American culture, during an exchange with Blaise Matuidi: “In reality, it is necessary to use his image. The ‘Cain Ris’ (Americans) understood this for a long time. There is no ‘humble’, all that… you have value, use it, use your image, you made it

I like the American mentality, it’s more mehe presses. I like the delirium of the Americans, the way they thinkFrom there, consider more than a pied-à-terre: “Do you live in the United States? That might be an idea, yesVery present in the various episodes, his wife testifies, removing the idea of ​​signing in MLS, at the bend of a sentence: “we’re talking about itfor his post career

Discussion between Paul Pogba and Blaise Matuidi – Excerpt from “The Pogmentary” on Prime Video

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Pogba on his sources of inspiration:

I have role models: Michael Jordan and LeBron James

On the other side of the Atlantic, Paul Pogba also practices a sport that is more highly regarded there than in France: “Basketball is my second favorite sport.Basically I love everything about basketball, the intensity, the game, the style, the show, the look, the trash talk. I have a connection with itProof in photos, “La Pioche” admires his handle and his shoot, in Miami, in the infrastructure of the Heat.

Hence a certain admiration for two of the greatest players in the history of basketball, NBA headliners yesterday and today: “I have role models: Michael Jordan and LeBron James.” First, “sporty level, it’s the best”but not only, in the eyes of Pogba: “They’re icons. Whether it’s their ads, their business, what they’re showing on the pitch, I like it

Pogba and the role of father:

Football is good but one day my career will be over and I will always be a father

The desire to take advantage ofvery simple times“with his wife and children – “the ones that make you the happiest in the world” – is a common thread in this documentary. The feeling that Pogba wants to be a father and not a star in the eyes of his children is evident in many fragments, and is sometimes also made explicit. “Football is good but one day my career will be over and I will always be a fatherhe says in particular.

We see Paul Pogba (28 years old then, 29 years old since then) talking about upbringing, division of labor in a couple. He insists on the technological means that will allow him to maintain the bond with his two sons at a distance, even if that is not ideal. He summarizes it as follows:I want my kids to be proud of me, tell themselves that I’ve done so many things, that I won a World Cup… and say to themselves, ‘He was there for us too.’

Pogba on his father’s death:

I think if my father was with us he would be proud of his son

At the end of the first episode, Paul Pogba recalls the death of his father, after a long illness, in a striking sequence, illustrated by a moving animation: “It was important to me to take care of him, until the end” A year later he is world champion. Since then he has started a family: “ I think if my father was with us he would be proud of his son

Paul Pogba with one of his two sons – From “The Pogmentary” on Prime Video

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