We take stock: such a frustrating season for Touraine sport

You have to say things as they are: with a few exceptions (like Tours’ American football being a hit, or Saint-Cyr’s hand being well in place in his N1 hen, the karma was not with the major sports clubs in Tours this year. Despite nuggets matches, it is a bitter taste that predominates in completing the various championships. We can’t say everything failed, but it’s clear that the various local teams were very helpless at the close.

Volleyball: a TVB in Poulidor mode

After a disappointing 2020-2021 season in which Tours were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the play-offs in the race for the title of champions of France, the club was eager to get some color back. His hiring had set the tone, especially with the arrival of French Olympic champion Kevin Tillie. Grenon was not disappointed: from Ligue A’s first games, the team impressed with his collective talent and ability to play together. The successes are linked, even against the leaders, and even beyond.

The TVB had an exemplary career in the CEV European Cup and reached the final. This is where the curse begins: defeat. So we say to ourselves that there is still the Coupe de France and the championship. Tours flies so over everything at the national level that there is no reason to get stuck… Except that opposite Chaumont and Montpellier their game level goes up. defeated TVB in the championship final. Three finals contested, three finals lost.

In 2021-2022, Tours was the eternal second. the fable of hare and the tortoise adapted to volleyball. Nevertheless, it has excelled in many areas and can fall back on these assets to start back with gusto from the start of the school year. We are curious what such a TVB machine can do in the Champions League. Still, it will be necessary to do without Kevin Tillie, who announced his departure.

Basketball: a yo-yo TMB

The Touraine basketball leaders had never hidden it: their goal for the season was to stay in Pro B, a division that has been at the top of the National 1 table just after several years. Finally back to 2.and French level, Tours starts to impress. The very young Tours Métropole Basket replacing the Union Tours Basket Métropole is at the top of the standings, boasting prestigious successes including one against Nancy, who finished 1ster of the championship at the end of the season.

Seeing that, we said to ourselves that this TMB could get to the playoffs. Then he collapsed and paid dearly for his maddening inability to maintain a good pace for 40 minutes. Hampered by mounting postponements of matches during the winter Covid golf, the club started losing in series, including at home. Often frustrating defeats because after very close matches. Failures that pay Tours at the end of the season, which are difficult to sustain with half a dozen teams. Then 4 at the same number of successes at the end of the last day. In this game, Pierre Tavano’s men bow and leave where they came from, in N1.

This round trip has been disappointing and we already know that the TMB will have to fight to get back on track as the competition will be tough. In particular, he will need to build a serious collective that may have let him down this season.

Handball: a coughing CTHB

For the first time in their history, the handball players from Chambray-lès-Tours took part in a European Cup. After coming out of the preliminary round brilliantly, they failed to come out of an elevated pool where they showed great things, losing several matches to not much. A scenario that also occurred in the competition, the Tourangelles struggling to face the challenges against their rival clubs in the race for Europe. Result: despite also a good run in the Coupe de France (elimination in the semifinals), the CTHB did not finish in the national top 5 (it should have finished in 6)and or 7and at the end of the last two days) and will have to rebuild with the departure of his coach to Nantes.

Hockey: ramparts only solid at the end

To say Touraine’s hockey players were scared this season is an understatement. Starting with a points handicap at the start of the season (again due to administrative sanctions), they were bottom of the rankings all year, with worrisome loss streaks. Thankfully, the pair’s successes were enough to motivate them once again when it came to attacking the end of the season playdowns. Tours flew over this poorly classified championship and undoubtedly deserved better.

table tennis :

4S Tours are looking to progress to Pro A, but the level remains very high, as witnessed by the 3-0 defeat to leader Thorigné, which puts de Tourangeaux a good distance from first place as the end of the season approaches. In the Jocondiennes, a double defeat to Poitiers at the start of the Pro Ladies Championship play-offs shattered the club’s European dreams.

American football:

Tours FC was a hit this season, confirming its rise 4 days before the end of the season. But it’s in Region 1. The 6thand National level. It is therefore elsewhere that we have to look… And attention is drawn to 2 clubs that could overshadow the Ciel et Noir: the FCOT of Ballan-Miré which clearly announces its ambition to go to National 2 and the Joué FCT renamed FC Tours Joué Métropole with the arrival of former player now TV consultant Omar Da Fonseca. Unwelcome to the TFC (justice declined his takeover offer), he still invests in metropolitan football, with the backing of the agglo’s chairman (while elected officials shun the historic city center club).

Even if the Jocondiens are currently fighting for their maintenance, we can imagine that in the future there will be rivalries to know who will take charge of the departmental football…