what will change this monday

Jean Castex announced on March 14 the lifting of numerous health restrictions, such as wearing a mask indoors and the vaccination pass, as well as the opening of the 4th dose for people over 80.

Faced with the downward trend of the Covid-19 epidemic observed in early March, the Prime Minister announced the lifting of numerous health restrictions for March 14. Here’s what’s changing this Monday.

• No more obligation to wear inside a mask

Mandatory in closed public places for many months, wearing a face mask indoors will no longer be imposed, such as in shops or administrations. On the other hand, it remains mandatory in “collective passenger transport” and health facilities, the prime minister said on March 3.

If “life can almost resume its normal course”, according to Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health wanted to send a message “to the most vulnerable, because of their age or their health”.

“I tell them, do not hesitate to keep your mask on, once you are in a closed room, with people you do not know and who may be contagious, it is no longer mandatory but it remains completely possible to wear it even recommended to wear it in certain situations.”

• The vaccination pass disappears

The vaccination pass will also be lifted in all establishments where it was previously mandatory, such as recreational and cultural places, restaurants or even lounges.

However, the health pass, which requires a vaccination certificate or a negative screening test, remains in force in medical institutions, such as hospitals and nursing homes, as does the vaccination obligation that applies to healthcare providers.

• Opening of the 4th dose to above 80

To support the most vulnerable people in this return to “life before that”, the prime minister announced the opening of the fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 for people over 80 who are “facing a progressive loss of their immunity” . For example, all those who have received “their booster dose for more than three months” can receive their new dose on Monday.

• At school, health protocol returns to level 1

The youngest are also affected by the lifting of restrictions. From Monday, health protocol in schools returns to level 1† A passage that leads to the end of wearing the mask indoors in institutions, from primary to secondary school, and that applies to both students and teachers.

Students will now also be able to mix outside of their grade, but avoid large gatherings. The practice of sports can be practiced within unlimited. The measures regarding hand washing, ventilation and surface disinfection are maintained.

Some changes also on the side of contact cases. In high school, where students were previously not considered contact cases if they had been vaccinated for wearing the mask, now “all students who shared a class with the confirmed case are considered at risk contacts, with no distinction between students who do.” or did not wear the mask,” the ministry writes in the update of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on its website

For these contact cases, the ministry strongly recommends “wearing the mask indoors for 7 days after the occurrence of the confirmed case”.

• End of occupational health protocol

March 14 also marks the end of the health protocol in companies. It is the companies and they alone who will now determine their strategies (or not) on various practical issues such as wearing a mask, meetings, the canteen or even telecommuting, the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne announced.

Public Health France identified 72,443 new infections in 24 hours on Saturday, a figure that has been rising for several days. Over the past 7 days, the number of cases is more than 63,000, compared to 52,000 last Saturday.