Who are the four investment funds competing to finance French football?

The LFP has been working on the commercial venture’s project for a year and a half. The process is entering its final phase with a choice between the four investment funds that have put 1.5 billion euros on the table. explanation.

While the investment bankers, partners of the LFP are in the process of peeling back in detail the offers of the four finalist funds looking to invest in the commercial company, club presidents will learn more Friday during a CA intended for their present to project the fund. When this phase is over, a selection of two or three funds will be made in the company of a group of club presidents who will guide the final selection within a month.

RMC Sport has looked at the profile of the four funds that offer 1.5 billion euros to take over about 10% of the commercial company.

CVC Capital Partners

It is one of the ten largest investment funds in the world with a weight of almost 100 billion euros. Based in Luxembourg, he is one of the pioneers in sports investment. He was one of the first shareholders of Formula 1 where his investments brought him almost 3.9 billion in 10 years. CVC has also invested in the Six Nations Tournament commercial business. He did the same in the one that manages protein with ATP and WTA rights. CVC has also invested in volleyball and it is a partner of Spanish football after spending 2 billion euros to own 10% of La Liga. It is clearly one of the four funds with the most experience in the sports world. Any questions about a potential conflict of interest with the investment in Spain should be asked.

Hellman & Friedman

Based in San Francisco, this fund has extensive experience and expertise in digital media and media. It manages nearly 80 million euros in assets. In 2000, he invested in F1’s commercial company with a nice capital gain (630 million dollars) on the resale of his shares. He seems less experienced in sports than CVC, but more powerful in the digital aspect, especially internationally, one of the key areas of development for the LFP. Another asset, the DNA is based on partnerships with minority interests without wanting to become dominant.

silver more

Another fund in California (Menlo Park), Silver Lake, weighs almost 90 billion euros. He has a solid knowledge of sports rights to be a partner of several major sports marketing agencies such as IMG. His know-how in the field of digital is also very powerful. In football, Silver Lake has a minority stake in the City Group (10% against a $500 million check signed in 2019) and in the Australian Football Professional League.


It is very heavy with almost 124 billion euros in assets under management. It is perhaps the background that most defines this project, which is not used to supporting large development projects such as the LFP’s. used to special situation ยป as we say in the financial world, that is, an opportunity to seize where others do not go. His boss Bruce Karsh is a minority shareholder of the Golden States Warriors (NBA). Oaktree also has experience in the football world. Last year he lent 275 million euros to Inter Milan. In 2020 Oaktree will buy 80% of Stade Malherbe de Caen led by President Pierre-Antoine Capton, close to Vincent Labrune and a member of the League Board. If he were the fund retained by the League, he would not be able to remain the majority shareholder of the SMC.