Who should beat Gregg Popovich’s new record? Focus on these coaches who can catch up with Pop one day

In winning his 1,336th regular season game against the Jazz last night, Gregg Popovich overtook Don Nelson to become the winningest coach in NBA history. A place he would have to keep for a long time, maybe even forever knowing he’s still on the bench, but we still wanted to sit down for five minutes to see which coach(s) could one day threaten this new record.

Nearest: Doc Rivers

While it may be blasphemous to some to put Doc Rivers and Gregg Popovich in the same sentence, the numbers cannot be disputed. At the time of writing, it is the Sixers coach who is most likely to get Pop one day, as he is in the Top 10 most successful coaches in history. No other active trainer can say the same. With a total of 1,032 wins collected from Orlando to Philadelphia, via Boston and Los Angeles, of course, the Doc is behind the Spurs legend with “just” 300 wins. And if we know Popovich is getting closer to the exit, we think Rivers – 60 years old today – may have a chance to seize. It will take him several years of success, in Philadelphia or elsewhere, but it is doable. Unless Pop coaches until he’s 90 of course…

The one who follows in Pop’s footsteps: Erik Spoelstra

Behind the untouchable Gregg Popovich, Erik Spoelstra is now the second longest-lived NBA coach within a single franchise. Heat boss Pat Riley gave Spo the helm in 2008 when he was just 37 and hasn’t let go since. From the MVP years of Dwyane Wade to the Jimmy Butler-Bam Adebayo duo, clear through the era of the Big Three, Spoelstra has always managed to convince his mentor and today he is one of those rare coaches who seem untouchable in the NBA, Pop’s photo. Just as one does not imagine Popovich elsewhere than in San Antonio, so one does not imagine Erik anywhere other than Miami. He is a guarantor of the famed Heat Culture and the Florida franchise must continue to enjoy success under the leg Spoelstra, who now at the age of 51 has a total of 652 wins (24th all time). What if one day Pop left his house to go to Spo?

The one who started off on the best digital foundations: Steve Kerr

Small riddle of the day: which coach took the shortest time to achieve a total of 300 career wins? Tick-tock, tick-tack, tick-tack. Answer: Steve Kerr. And that doesn’t just apply to the NBA, but to all American professional sports. Kerr joined Stephen Curry’s Warriors in 2014 and helped transform the Golden State franchise into a veritable dynasty, including winning three NBA titles in five Finals appearances in its first five years. It’s nearly impossible to do better as a debut, and Steve now boasts the fourth-highest win percentage of all time (68.6%), allowing him to rack up a total of 421 successes in a span of nearly eight seasons. Quite a rhythm! And in the best of worlds, if he manages to keep up the same momentum, Kerr could one day reach the peaks. The only drawback and not the least, the former sniper is “already” 56 years old, the one who went through the commentator and leader box first before sitting on the NBA benches.

Other potential candidates

Behind these three we can of course mention Rick Carlisle and Nate McMillan, who are the two most successful active coaches behind Doc Rivers, with 858 and 720 wins, respectively. In the Top 60 Most Successful Trainers of All Time Currently Running, there are several of Pop’s disciples waiting to climb the hierarchy by imitating their model, such as Mike Budenholzer, Quin Snyder or Michael Malone (who was never Popovich’s assistant but has a special relationship with him).

But if so, none of the names mentioned since the beginning of this article are correct, and perhaps the feat will be accomplished in the distant future by a man who comes out of nowhere or even a current player who has been retrained. will coach (Hello Chris PaulHey Rajon Rondo† Or else, full WTF scenario, Don Nelson decides to leave his cannabis business to temporarily resume service on the NBA banks and go back to Pop. No, we’re kidding, but introduce yourself anyway.

Gregg Popovich is not a man of records, but the one he just put down is very prestigious and would be very hard to beat. If there are still a few credible candidates to pick him up, we would like to wish them the best of luck. Because they will need it.

Source Stats: Basket Reference