Why do the Girondins have a well-degraded head?

Will the Girondins de Bordeaux recover? This Monday morning, many are asking after the new home defeat of Marine et Blanc against Troyes (0-2), a direct competitor in the race to keep. This 13th setback of the season in Ligue 1 will hurt the head of an entire club. A few minutes after the final whistle, you should have seen the Bordeaux players emerge dizzy from the coves of the Matmut Atlantique one by one. K.-O. stand like a whole stadium. Even the most staunch supporters of the South Turn fell silent for the first time this season.

There was also finally a bit of anger against this team that wasn’t worth their relentless encouragement since the start of the season. One of the leaders of the Ultramarines, the largest group of supporters, had to stop some from entering the lawn or throwing projectiles late in the game. A moment of clarity when evil was long gone. Always last in Ligue 1, the Girondins are now two points behind the play-off and three behind the first non-relegation player, eleven days after the end of the season. If nothing is done mathematically of course, this team has a good future today being relegated.

A level of play unworthy of L1

It was the tree that hid the forest. As the Bordelais failed to shine through the results, they did so intermittently throughout the competition this season. But against Troyes there was just nothing. It hadn’t been very glorious in Clermont a week ago. This Sunday, the Girondins bottomed out in the first half with an apocalyptic technical level exemplified by Oudin and Adli. “There was very little accuracy. Our wealth has been barren. We could have played for hours without scoring, I think. The players really need to raise their technical level and their demands on it,” acknowledged David Guion. Starting with succeeding in a football player’s basic range, control pass.

And what about defense. While David Guion seemed to have found some solutions, she turned to the Trojans again. The latter could have gone into halftime with two or three goals beforehand, there was not much to complain about. The same as Marcelo was ruled out at the start of the match. As so often this season, Bordeaux’s defense showed a catastrophic level, as was the performance of its two pistons, Mensah and Pembélé, authors of an incalculable number of lost balloons. 24 for the second, match record. In the end, the Marine et Blancs continue to set records (nine penalties this season, 65 goals, no zero). Race results, when the Girondins are no longer able to play and score, in addition to taking goal after goal, the mission seems impossible!

The signs of fate that do not deceive

Besides the deep shortcomings of this Bordeaux team today, there is also the factor of luck or rather bad luck that is chasing the Girondins this season. Those little details that make you say they won’t escape relegation. Against Troyes, the first penalty Gaëtan Poussin scored against his side is one. However, the Bordeaux goalkeeper had started on the right as with the second, but the ball eventually escaped him and ended a few centimeters behind the line. In the same style, he remembers this completely funny goal against Monaco two weeks ago.

The ball went through under Gaëtan Poussin on the first penalty.
The ball went through under Gaëtan Poussin on the first penalty. – Romain Perrocheau / AFP

The Girondins also do not forget about arbitration in this regard. And it is true that it has rarely worked in their favor since the start of the season. Estac’s first penalty is indeed highly questionable, while Ui-Jo Hwang might have benefited from it for the Girondins. “The players were very frustrated with the referees” [sept cartons jaunes]† These are matches where the refereeing body has to take psychological into account the aspect of the match. The referee missed his game, but it happens. Then it gets back to Bordeaux and it starts to do a lot,” David Guion recalled as Admar Lopes, the club’s technical director, attacked Ruddy Buquet at the end of the match.

No more leverage

This is perhaps the most worrying thing for the people of Bordeaux. Today there is no leverage for management after cleaning out the locker room and changing coaches. What else can Gérard Lopez do than try to wake up his players? This Sunday, he spoke particularly extensively with his captain, Josuha Guilavogui, after the meeting. Admar Lopes switched with other players. The midfielder sums up the current situation at Prime Video’s microphone:

It’s starting to get complicated. We can talk, say nice things to each other, charm each other, but in the end, if there’s no victory, it’s just words. If you make a match like that, you better shut up and go home. †

However, we will have to find solutions for David Guion as the Girondins prepare to move to Paris, Lyon and Lille. How difficult. “It’s a big disappointment for everyone, but I came here to keep the club going. There are still 33 points left. I believe in it,” concludes the former coach of Stade de Reims. He is not the only one yet. since Sunday there have been fewer and fewer.