Why exercise after 60? Our advice to adapt your exercise routine to your age and stay in shape

Since the transition from one age group to another age group often requires a change in your sporting routine, the editors of Deavita.fr give you some tips on how to exercise after 60 years. Follow our guide!

How do you exercise after your sixtieth birthday and with what intensity? If you are a seasoned athlete and have been training for years, there is no need to change your habits. It is only advisable to pay attention to your joints to avoid possible injuries. Our experts are unanimous on this: we have to take into account the physical changes associated with the aging of the body. One of the most important concerns the hormonal system. After a certain age, your body’s response to physical activity is no longer the same. That is why recovery after a workout takes a little longer. Maintaining muscle density and tone is also becoming increasingly difficult.

Why is it important to exercise after 60?

which sport after 60 years and older?

It may seem counterintuitive, but exercising after age 60 increases the capacity of the lungs, heart and circulation, especially if you exercise regularly. With age and frequent sports sessions, we become more resistant on the aerobic level and less tolerant of intense effort. So if exercise intensity after the 1960s is no longer a priority, don’t stop building your muscle. According to experts, it is important to build muscle mass at this age. Strength training exercises are not painful and help prevent the loss of bone capital.

What to do as a sport after 60?

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One of the frequent consequences of menopause is the weakening of the pelvic floor, which in turn causes urinary incontinence problems and poor posture. Therefore, after 60 years it is important to train all the muscles that close the abdominal cavity. So, what sport for a flat stomach after this age? The possibilities are many. Experts recommend underwater fitness that improves core stability and resistance, yoga, Pilates, stretching, tai chi and resistance band exercises.

Exercises with elastic bands

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Why training with elastic bands after 60 is a good idea? Well, first of all because the elastic band is a universal and easy to wear sports accessory that offers a very wide variety of exercises suitable for all ages. Thanks to this single tool, you have the opportunity to work different parts of your body: legs, glutes, arms and back. Inexpensive and super easy to use, this rubber band is the perfect accessory for staying in shape.


how to practice after 60 pilates at home

If we have to define the ideal sport for all ages, it will undoubtedly be Pilates. This is a gentle method of muscle building that deeply trains the abdominal and back muscles for better overall posture and balance. Moreover, it is accessible to everyone.

Aquagym or underwater fitness

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Like Pilates, water aerobics is a gentle sport that’s perfect for seniors. This allows you to stay in shape and prevent diseases caused by aging, without the risk of injury. Water facilitates movement, which gives underwater fitness many benefits, especially for seniors with loss of autonomy.


hiit or hilit which sport likes to sport after 60 years woman opinion

Do you do HIIT regularly? However, is your tolerance for the intensity of the exercises weakening? So you better make a kind of switch to HILIT. It is a combination of intense cardiovascular exercise with gentler movements. The result ? A low impact workout, but just as intense. 3 or 4 sessions a week are enough to stay in shape.


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What type of yoga do you choose to stay in shape after the 1960s? In general, seniors will turn to Hatha yoga or Yin yoga with its gentle rhythm. A series of poses allow you to stretch slowly and gently over an hour without risk of injury. And even if we start at 60, it’s never too late.