why W9 still choose OM for the return matches

The M6 ​​group has once again chosen to broadcast the Conference League quarter-final return leg between OM and PAOK Saloniki instead of the match between Lyon and West Ham in the Europa League. Frédéric De Vincelles defended this position and explained the criteria for this choice to RMC Sport.

Someone took Jean-Michel Aulas’ cell phone. The chairman of OL does not appreciate the choice of W9 for the programming of the return legs of the Europa League and Conference League. After already broadcasting the game between Marseille and PAOK this Thursday, especially because the game was played at the Vélodrome, the channel has again opted for the game between OM and the Greek team next week. A decision justified by Frédéric De Vincelles with RMC Sport.

“On W9 we have a first choice right in our contract, which allows us to first choose the match that we will broadcast and which will be co-broadcast on Canal+. The first thing we look at is of course the schedule and we usually prefer to Prime Time.There the question no longer arises because all matches will be in Prime Time, explained the Director General of Programs on the platforms and sports of the M6 ​​group.Then we look at two other criteria for making a choice “Knowing whether the game will be played at home or away, and in general we have a preference for the home game. The other criterion that remains important is the sporting interest and especially at home matches. immediate elimination.”

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A greater sporting interest at OM with possible qualification

Marked by numerous incidents between OM and PAOK supporters this Thursday, the Conference League quarter-final first leg eventually led to a victory for Marseille over the Greeks (2-1) with Dimitri Payet’s gem on a half volley from outside the box. Meanwhile, OL was awarded an 11-to-ten draw at West Ham’s Europa League (1-1). For W9, the observation is simple: OM seems in a better position to qualify on the return journey.

“For a return match, we look at the match that in our opinion has the most sporting interest. We had to make a choice there late in the night on Thursday evening,” continued Frédéric De Vincelles. […] We estimate it was Marseille with significant chances to win and qualify. We want to broadcast matches where the French teams are in a good position to win and thus engage our viewers by experiencing a strong and positive emotion in the programs we offer. With this match in Marseille, we think we can do it.”

And the leader of the M6 ​​group clarified: “Here we felt that the sporting interest prevailed over the idea of ​​a home game or an away game. In the end, the choice is quite simple. It is true that between the draw of Lyon in the first leg and the victory with a goal from Marseille, there is no big difference in sporting interest, but we think Marseille are in a good position to qualify.”

A clear OL-Barça potential?

Frédéric De Vincelles, who failed to schedule Lyon’s match against West Ham in the Europa League next Thursday, however, believed he was counting on Gones to qualify for the last four and was considering a possible semi-final against Barca. to send.

“We want to bring this Marseille qualifier to life in the air, even if we fervently wish Lyon to qualify,” the sports boss for the M6 ​​group assured again. I don’t want to commit now, but it is probably enough that if Lyon qualify and Barcelona qualify at the same time, then there will be no call back about a debate between Lyon and Marseille. It is very likely that we will broadcast the match between Lyon and Barcelona.”

“To shine” the Conference League

New competition created by UEFA, the Conference League, is still trying to obtain its letters of nobility. And the M6 ​​group wants to contribute to this via W9, according to its leader. Even though the Europa League remains more prestigious and older.

“It is important for us to promote this competition, added Frédéric De Vincelles to the microphone of RMC Sport. That in the minds of football fans and in the minds of viewers, this Conference League means something. The more matches of this competition we aired, the more we talk about it and the more valuable the competition becomes.”

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W9 proud of its audience at OM, but not “from the useless debate” on the broadcast

In addition to the first criteria put forward by Frédéric De Vincelles, OM also allowed W9 to take a big hit in terms of audience during the first leg of the Conference League quarterfinals against PAOK.

“It’s the best crowd for a football match for W9 in four years, so it’s been a successful bet,” concluded the general manager of Platform Programs and Sports for the M6 ​​group. […] This season we were spoiled with the participation of Marseille, Monaco that we also broadcast, Lyon that we broadcast a lot. We must not lose sight of the fact that we send Lyon almost as often as Marseille during the group stage and also once during the round of 16. There it will be Marseille twice and it is possible that it will be Lyon twice for the half. finals if the club qualifies. Do not create unnecessary discussion, because the situation is quite simple. We try to treat these big football clubs like Marseille and Lyon as best we can.”

Lyon knows what to do: knock out West Ham and pray for Barca to qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa League. Meanwhile, of course, on RMC Sport, the Gones play their European future against the Hammers.

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