Women’s sport is booming in Vietnam

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In Vietnam, professional sportswomen today receive the same treatment as men.

Photo: VNA/CVN

“In Vietnam, sportswomen and sportsmen enjoy the same rights, opportunities, bonuses, salaries and benefits”says Lê Thi Hoàng Yên, deputy director of the General Department of Physical Education and Sport.

According to her, the country has introduced a women-oriented policy by prioritizing the identification and training of young female talents and facilitating their sports careers. A strategy that has paid off: Women have largely contributed to the success of the national sport, often achieving half or more of the country’s best performances. Their exceptional results have become a real source of inspiration for the young generation, allowing the national sport to shine internationally.

Women shine at the highest level

More than 40% of Vietnam’s gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) have been won by women. During the last edition, which was controversial in the Philippines at the end of 2019, they registered their names in all disciplines that were won gold by the Vietnamese delegation.

Women have largely contributed to the success of Vietnamese sport.

Photo: VNA/CVN

“We have prepared the tentative list of athletes competing in the SEA Games 31 to be held in the country next May. Women bring hope in many disciplines.”emphasizes Trân Duc Phân, head of the General Department of Physical Education and Sport.

In the most prestigious sports arena in the world, the Olympic Games (OG), the first person to win a medal for Vietnam was a woman. It was in 2000 that taekwondoka Trân Hiêu Ngân entered the history of the country by winning silver at the Sydney Olympics. And among the 18 athletes who took part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic), ten were women, i.e. more than 50%.

The Vietnamese also shine in the royal sport, football. The Vietnamese women’s soccer team is indeed the most successful of the SEA Games with six trophies. In particular, she recently qualified for the 2023 World Cup, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand. In the latest FIFA ranking published in March, the national team was 32and world ranking, with 1,655 points. It remained in the lead among the Southeast Asian countries, ahead of Thailand (1,541 points, 43and) and Myanmar (1,524.45and

Creating optimal conditions for sportswomen

The deputy director of the communication center of the newspaper Tuôi Tre (youth), Cao Huy Tho.

Photo: Phuong Nga/CVNO

“Although more and more women are exercising, the gap with men remains”said Cao Huy Tho, deputy director of the newspaper’s communications center Tuoi Trec (Youth). For example, he emphasizes the difference in public attention and the low media coverage of women’s sports, which is not specific to Vietnam.

Always a close follower of women’s sports, Mr Tho has witnessed the difficulties professional sportswomen face since the 1990s. However, there are many positive changes to be noted. Vietnamese sport is recognized by the international community, thanks in particular to the commendable efforts of national sports authorities and the careers of notable women. Their achievements changed people’s attitudes towards women and gradually helped them win the hearts of the public.

The ambassador for sport of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Laurence Fischer.


For Laurence Fischer, of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the development of women’s sport is intrinsically linked to the place of women in society and the fight for gender equality. She praised Vietnam’s commitment in this area, in particular with the adoption of its National Strategy for Gender Equality for 2021-2030.

“All of these commitments will promote women’s rights and help them empower themselves. As an ambassador for sport, I am convinced that women can unlock their potential through sport. This progress cannot be beneficial for the entire Vietnamese society.”shares them with Vietnam’s Courier

Industry manager Lê Thi Hoàng Yên reaffirms that sport in Vietnam is accessible to all and that there is no inequality in access to sport. According to her, the Directorate-General for Physical Education and Sport will continue to create optimal conditions for sportswomen in the coming period to unleash their potential, pursue their passion with confidence, develop their career and gain economic autonomy.

mme Yên is convinced that the more women find a place in the world of sports, the more visible they will be and the more they can serve as an example, point of reference and want young people to practice in turn. By taking measures in favor of the feminization of their disciplines, sports organizations are creating a ripple effect for women’s well-being and gender equality.