Ysaora Thibus Knight of the Order of Merit

This isn’t a princess story, it’s a knight story! The Guadeloupe Fleurettiste Ysaora Thibus was made a Knight of the Order of Merit in the presence of Roxana Maracineanu, the Minister of Sports.

Touched and proud. These are the two words that best describe Ysaora Thibus’ state of mind at the time he received the Order of Merit medal. †I am more moved than I imagined. It is true that as an athlete you have few opportunities to realize how far you have come. At 30, after three Olympics, full of medals, an Olympic medal is a great accolade. I am very proud. My parents are watching me from Guadeloupe. I would love to wink at them, thank you because we can’t do it alone‘ she assures.

The ceremony took place in a sober, intimate atmosphere and in a very symbolic place for the champion: at ESCP Business School, a large business school. †I am very honored. I’m very glad I made it here. It is a beautiful moment of pause in my life. I’m very proud to share it with the people who matter, with my mother – I know she watched, people who inspire me. My grandmother, for example, who did athletics when she was younger, my grandfather was in football. My parents were also athletes. They have always supported me. I thank them”she continues.

Presentation of the Medal of the Order of Merit

©Alain Rosalie

The foil fencer from Guadeloupe – holder of a Bac S cum laude, joined this institution in 2012 after a degree in economics management from the University of Paris 1-Sorbonnethereafter a Masters in Management. Ysaora Thibus is part of the small closed circle ofs students, top athletes, exactly 11, who have won an Olympic medal. Between them : the athlete Stéphane Diagana among others.

In front of Ysaora Thibus fencing is not a professional sport,I have always had great ambitions. ESCP gave me the idea to get a degree, to do major studies because it is one of the best business schools in France. I was able to have the peace of mind to train and get good results” Sports and studies, Ysaora Thibus never had to choose. An experienced sportswoman, in 2013, she is also awarded the Bernard Destremau Prize of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences awarded to elite athletes who study in higher education.

The resident of Les Abymes in Guadeloupe has been used to aiming very high from an early age. the play a major role in music history as a model is there perhaps for something. A model she wanted to pay tribute to during this ceremony:I wanted to talk about a story, about a knight so dear to my heart. It is that of the Chevalier de Saint-Georges. The Chevalier de Saint-George was born in Guadeloupe in 1745 to a slave mother and a settler father. He left for Paris at the age of 10. He had the opportunity to benefit from an education reserved for the high French aristocracy. He became one of the greatest violinists, one of the most recognized conductors, Queen Marie-Antoinette’s favorite musician and also a fencer. He was the first fencer of Guadeloupe and the first colonel of the French army.is of black skin. It is really through this story of the Chevalier de Saint-Georges that I wanted to talk about this heritage that we have in the West Indies, in Guadeloupe related to sports or in other areas… this constant search for excellence. Also, being a graduate of ESCP and a high-level sportswoman, it is also to perpetuate this tradition of land of champions, land of opportunity. We come from a small island, but we can achieve great things”she explains, her eyes full of stars.

Very involved in the fight for the promotion of women’s sports, creator of the sports media Essentials on Instagram, also muse from a major sports brand is more determined than ever to return to the competition. After the disappointment ofs Individual Olympic Games in Tokyo, the champion took time to reflect. She is now ready to take on new challenges.I officially announce that I want to participate in the Paris Olympics in 2024 and that I will do everything I can to win a gold medal in individual