Yvan Colonna, still between life and death, is no longer a “specially marked inmate”

Almost a week after the prison attack on Yvan Colonna, which sparked numerous angry demonstrations in Corsica, Prime Minister Jean Castex lifted the status of “specially reported detainee” (DPS) of the independence activist. A decision that, according to a government source, resembles a symbolic gesture of reconciliation, at a time when clashes and demonstrations are repeating in Corsica.

This status, which prevented his rapprochement to a Corsican prison, was disputed for years by the independence activist, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998 for the murder of the Prefect of Corsica Claude Erignac.

This decision “is based on the particular seriousness of the health situation” of Yvan Colonna, still between life and death in a hospital in Marseille after an attempted strangulation and suffocation by a fellow inmate at the central house in Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône), Matignon said in a statement.

“It was sooner that it had to happen”

But the family and some nationalist activists protested a decision deemed too late. “Call at 8:32 pm from the prison administration on my mobile to inform me of the cancellation of Yvan Colonna’s DPS status given his state of health, eliminating the risk of escape and to reconsider his dangerousness. Words fail us”tweeted one of his lawyers, Mr.and Emmanuel Mercinier Pantalacci.

“An extra level of state revenge tonight: the lifting of DPS for a man nailed to a hospital bed after an assassination attempt”for his part, Yvan Colonna’s sister tweeted.

“It was before it was supposed to happen, so he could have gone home and finished his sentence on his land. It’s too late, and the argument is to surrender »On Tuesday evening, Vannina Angelini Buresi, former elected representative of the independence party Corsica Libéra in the Assembly of Corsica, questioned by Agence France-Presse, responded on the sidelines of a new demonstration in Ajaccio.

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During the day, the Corsica Human Rights League had asked for: “signs of reconciliation”also referring to the requests for rapprochement from two other members of the command that killed the Prefect Erignac, a rapprochement already demanded by several deputies from all political lines.

In Paris, the deputies announced that they would be auditioning for senior officials of the prison administration “on the conditions of supervision” by Ivan Colonna. In Corsica, where the nationalists and Yvan Colonna’s family accuse the state of “overwhelming responsibility”The day started Tuesday in Ajaccio with a parade of several hundred high school students who “murderous French state”

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At the end of the morning on Tuesday, clashes broke out in front of the prefecture and nearby, groups of demonstrators threw several projectiles and agricultural bombs (homemade) at the police, an agitation limited to this district. The incidents ended around 10 p.m.

In Bastia, clashes started around 4:30 p.m. in front of the prefecture, with projectiles being thrown at the police. They made a “slightly injured in a CRS”, AFP informed Bastia’s public prosecutor, Arnaud Viornery. There had already been clashes on Monday.

The Executive Council of Corsica estimated on Tuesday that the mobilization in Corsica “must go on”but called “the young Corsicans don’t take any risks”, tweeted its chairman, Gilles Simeoni. In Corte, the board of directors of the University of Corsica, blocked since Thursday, asked: “solemnly release all Corsican political prisoners”

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